Is Minecraft crashing on your computer? Here are the solutions

Minecraft crash

Minecraft crashing: Here are solutions that have helped people to solve a similar problem. You don’t have to try everything; Continue on your way until you find what works.

Why does Minecraft crash on my computer?

When the Minecraft crashes, it may close the normal game and report an error indicating the exception location that caused the crash. There are many reasons why Minecraft may crash in the beginning: modes, bugs in the game, corruption of game files, missing or old graphics card driver.

Fortunately, you can fix the crash quickly and easily. Try the solutions below.

  1. Restart your computer

Restarting the PC can be a daunting task for most technical issues, so restarting your computer is never annoying and is sometimes enough to fix your problems. You can close your Minecraft, restart your PC, open your Minecraft and see if it works.




In general, bugs in the game cause crashes and developers keep on releasing patches to improve Minecraft and fix bugs. So, you need to install patches and keep your game up to date. This fixes some bugs that are crashing your game. If you are using mods, try removing them and after that, reinstall Minecraft.

If Minecraft still crashes after updating your game patch, don’t worry. Here’s what to try next.

  1. Update your graphics card driver

Outdated graphics driver can cause a Minecraft to crash on your Windows, so you can update your graphics card driver to fix the crash. There are two ways to update your graphics card driver.

Manual Method

Manually update your graphics card driver – You can go to your graphics card manufacturer’s website to find the right graphics card driver and install it on your computer. This requires more time and effort as you will have to download and install drivers individually.

Automatic method

  1. Download and install IObit Driver Booster from their website
  2. After installing, open the app, click on scan to check all the outdated drivers.
  3. After scanning, the app will display list of outdated drivers found on a computer.
  4. Click on update all to update the outdated drivers. this may take 10 to 15 minutes depending upon the size of drivers being installed.

After all the drivers have been updated, restart your computer to take changes into effect

Fix 4: Stop overriding your CPU

Overclocking means setting up your CPU and memory faster than their standard speed. Almost all processors come with a speed rating. However, this can cause your games from loading or crashing, so you should set your CPU clock speed as default to resolve the issue.

Fix 5: Disable VBOs in Minecraft

Enabling VBOs for your Minecraft can also cause crashes, so you can see the instructions below to disable VBOs. It works for many other users. There are two options for disabling VBOs for your Minecraft:

Disable VBOs in your Minecraft settings

If you can start the game, you can turn off VBOs in your Minecraft settings:

  • Go to the settings in your game.
  • Go to Video Settings.
  • Below you will see a setting about VBOs, and then Disable VBOs.
  • Restart your PC and open the game.

Turn off VBOs in your Minecraft file

If Minecraft crashes when you open the game and you are unable to start Minecraft, you can disable VBOs in the Minecraft options.txt file.

  • Open run app by pressing Win key + R.
  • In the Run box, type %APPDATA%\.minecraft. Type Minecraft and click OK. You will open Minecraft folder.
  • In the Minecraft folder, locate and click on txt.
  • Replace useVbo to false.
  • Save the file, restart the computer and try the game again.

These are the solutions that should help you in solving your Minecraft crashing problem. Comment below which method worked for you

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