Is your PS4 not charging? Here’s what you can do

Is your PS4 not charging

PS4 not charging:

When you plug your PS4 controller with the charging cable, does the light in front of it shine at all? But sure, you are not alone; Most PS4 users are not compatible with the PS4 controller and do not charge. Most importantly, you can fix it with this guide. Read on to find out how.

Solution 1: PS4 not charging? Reset your PS4 controller

You can easily reset your controller with these steps:

  • Find the reset button on your controller: This is a very small hole in the back of your controller and below the L2 button.
  • Insert a toothpick or similar object into the reset hole; Press the button; Hold for a few seconds.
  • Your controller will restart. Once it starts, try recharging to see if it is successful.
Solution 2: PS4 not charging? Charge your PS4 controller upside down

Sounds weird right? This allows most PS4 players to recover their controller charge. You can give it a shot to see if it works. Turn your PS4 controller upside down, and then charge.

Solution 3: PS4 not charging? Check the charging cable of your PS4 controller

Sometimes, the problem is that your PS4 is not charging because the USB cable is charging. Follow the steps below to check if there is any problem with your USB cable.

  • If you have the same charging USB cable, try charging another controller.
    • If another controller is charging, the problem is on your controller side. Go to the next solution below.
    • If another controller is not charging, there seems to be something wrong with your USB cable. Go to the next step.
  • Try using the official dual charging USB cable that comes with your PS4 console to charge your controller.

Note: Some USB cables have similar connectors but have different characteristics. Your PS4 controller will not charge if you are using some third-party USB cable. So use the official charging USB cable to charge your controller. If you lose the USB cable that came with your PS4, you can buy one from Sony’s official website.

Solution 4: PS4 not charging? Check the charging port of your PS4 controller

Like the charging cable, a bad charging port on your PS4 controller will prevent your controller from charging. Check if there is something wrong with your charging port:

If you have the same charging USB cable, charge another controller. If another controller is charging, there may be some issues with your existing controller. You will then need to replace the charging port with a new one. If you do not know how to do this, you can ask for help from the PlayStation website.

Solution 5: PS4 not charging? Replace the batteries in your PS4 controller

If you have tried all the above solutions and your controller will still not be able to charge. Be sure to try this last but useful solution. If you have been using your PS4 controller for too long, your controller’s batteries may lose charge and die from recharging. So, try to replace it with new PS4 batteries.

You can replace your controller’s batteries as this will not affect your PS4’s warranty.

Happy Gaming!

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