Madden NFL 21 Best Players & Quarterbacks – Tier List of 2023

Madden NFL 21 Best Players & Quarterbacks

We bring you a list with the best Madden NFL 21 players, which you should spend your MUT 21 coins.


Do you want to know who are the best players in Madden NFL 21? Then you will love our post. Madden NFL 21 was released on August 10, and there are seven players in the game at launch with a total score of 99. A total of 28 players scored 95 or higher.

The Cowboys have four players in the top 28, the most teams, followed by the Steelers with three. So if you want to know who to go for, this post will be good for you. And remember we also have our other post full of Madden NFL 21 Tips.

Madden NFL 21 Top Players – Tier B

Travis Kelce, KC – Overall Rating: 95

Earl Thomas III, SEA – Overall Rating: 95

Tyron Smith, DAL – Overall Rating: 95

Rodney Hudson, OAK – Overall Rating: 95

Cameron Jordan, NO – Overall Rating: 95

Odell Beckham Jr., NYG – Overall Rating: 95

David DeCastro, PIT – Overall Rating: 95

Lavonte David, TB – Overall Rating: 95

Damon Harrison Sr., NYG – Overall Rating: 95

Le’Veon Bell, PIT – Overall Rating: 96

Travis Frederick, DAL – Overall Rating: 96

Sean Lee, DAL – Overall Rating: 96

Eric Berry, KC – Overall Rating: 96

Zack Martin, DAL – Overall Rating: 96

Madden NFL 21 Best Players – Tier A

In tier A are those players who are incredibly good. If you’re not eligible for Tier S, then anyone on this list will make a wonderful team leader.

David Bakhtiari, GB – Overall Rating: 97

Harrison Smith, MIN – Overall Rating: 97

Bobby Wagner, SEA – Overall Rating: 97

Jalen Ramsey, JAX – Overall Rating: 97

Julio Jones, ATL – Overall Rating: 98

J.J. Watt, HOU – Overall Rating: 98

Khalil Mack, OAK – Overall Rating: 98

Madden NFL 21 Best Players – Tier S

In tier S are the best of the best. These players are simply the best you could get. Aim for them and nothing will stand in your way.

Tom Brady, NE – Overall Rating: 99

Antonio Brown, PIT – Overall Rating: 99

Rob Gronkowski, NE – Overall Rating: 99

Von Miller, DEN – Overall Rating: 99

Aaron Donald, LAR – Overall Rating: 99

Luke Kuechly, CAR – Overall Rating: 99

Aaron Rodgers, GB – Overall Rating: 99

Madden NFL 21 Best Quarterbacks (QB)

The quarterbacks are also the focus in Madden 21. Young savages dominate the QB rating little. Behind it, however, the established stars are noticeably falling behind. There is also a changing of the guard in the EA Sports video game.

We show you the top 40 of all quarterbacks in Madden 21 which you can prepare some MUT coins for them. A potential starter did not make the cut here either: According to EA, Patriots-QB Jarrett Stidham is on the way with a rating of 61 under.

PATRICK MAHOMES (Kansas City Chiefs) – Overall-Rating: 99

RUSSELL WILSON (Seattle Seahawks) – Overall-Rating: 97

LAMAR JACKSON (Baltimore Ravens) – Overall-Rating: 94

DREW BREES (New Orleans Saints) – Overall-Rating: 93

TOM BRADY (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – Overall-Rating: 90

AARON RODGERS (Green Bay Packers) – Overall-Rating: 89

MATT RYAN (Atlanta Falcons) – Overall-Rating: 87

DESHAUN WATSON (Houston Texans) – Overall-Rating: 86

CARSON WENTZ (Philadelphia Eagles) – Overall-Rating: 84

DAK PRESCOTT (Dallas Cowboys) – Overall-Rating: 84

MATTHEW STAFFORD (Detroit Lions) – Overall-Rating: 83

JIMMY GAROPPOLO (San Francisco 49ers) – Overall Rating: 83

KIRK COUSINS (Minnesota Vikings) – Overall-Rating: 82

PHILIP RIVERS (Indianapolis Colts) – Overall-Rating: 82

BEN ROETHLISBERGER (Pittsburgh Steelers) – Overall-Rating: 81

RYAN TANNEHILL (Tennessee Titans) – Overall-Rating: 80

DEREK CARR (Las Vegas Raiders) – Overall-Rating: 79

BAKER MAYFIELD (Cleveland Browns) – Overall-Rating: 78

CAM NEWTON (New England Patriots) – Overall-Rating: 78

JOSH ALLEN (Buffalo Bills) – Overall-Rating: 77

KYLER MURRAY (Arizona Cardinals) – Overall-Rating: 77

JAMEIS WINSTON (New Orleans Saints) – Overall-Rating: 76

JARED GOFF (Los Angeles Rams) – Overall-Rating: 76

JOE BURROW (Cincinnati Bengals) – Overall-Rating: 76

TEDDY BRIDGEWATER (Carolina Panthers) – Overall-Rating: 75

RYAN FITZPATRICK (Miami Dolphins) – Overall-Rating: 74

SAM DARNOLD (New York Jets) – Overall-Rating: 73

TUA TAGOVAILOA (Miami Dolphins) – Overall-Rating: 73

ANDY DALTON (Dallas Cowboys) – Overall-Rating: 72

 DANIEL JONES (New York Giants) – Overall-Rating: 72

MITCHELL TRUBISKY (Chicago Bears) – Overall-Rating: 72

JACOBY BRISSETT (Indianapolis Colts) – Overall-Rating: 71

JORDAN LOVE (Green Bay Packers) – Overall-Rating: 71

NICK FOLES (Chicago Bears) – Overall-Rating: 71

DREW LOCK (Denver Broncos) – Overall-Rating: 70

DWAYNE HASKINS (Washington Football Team) – Overall-Rating: 70

GARDNER MINSHEW II (Jacksonville Jaguars) – Overall-Rating: 70

JOE FLACCO (New York Jets) – Overall-Rating: 69

JUSTIN HERBERT (Los Angeles Chargers) – Overall-Rating: 70

TYROD TAYLOR (Los Angeles Chargers) – Overall-Rating: 69

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