Best Supports For Lucian (2024)

Best Supports For Lucian

Lucian is a strong ADC champion in League of Legends. But to be really powerful, Lucian needs a good support champion by his side. The right support can help him stay safe, deal even more damage, and win more games.

Some of the best supports to pair with Lucian are Zac, Yuumi, Sylas, Gragas, and Blitzcrank. These champions have abilities that work well with Lucian’s kit which can protect Lucian, set up kills for him, or boost his damage output.

We’ll look at why these supports synergize so well with Lucian. We’ll cover their win rates when paired together and the most common item builds. Let’s get into it!

Best Supports For Lucian

The Secret Weapon, Zac

Zac’s kit provides great peel and crowd control to protect Lucian in lane and team fights with a %54.7 win rate. With his Q – Stretching Strikes, Zac can grab enemies who get too close to Lucian and knock them back. This creates space for Lucian to safely output damage.

Zac’s W – Unstable Matter does percent max health magic damage in an area. This allows Zac to soften up enemies before Lucian unleashes his burst damage combos. The percent health damage is also very effective against tanks.

Zac’s E – Elastic Slingshot gives him great engage potential. He can slingshot past the frontline onto the backline threats, knocking them up briefly with his ultimate R – Let’s Bounce! This sets up easy targets for Lucian’s ultimate.

Finally, Zac’s passive Cell Division makes him incredibly hard to kill. Even if focused, Zac can split into bloblets to revive shortly after. This prevents Lucian from being unpeeled and overrun.

With items like Sunfire Aegis and Thornmail, Zac becomes a zoning threat that forces enemies to deal with him while Lucian freely attacks from range. The combination of CC, damage, engage, and revive passives allows Zac to perfectly enable Lucian’s snapburst damage pattern.

Best Supports For Lucian

Yuumi, The Magical Cat

Yuumi’s entire kit is designed to enhance and protect hyper-carry ADCs like Lucian. With her W – You and Me!, Yuumi can attach to Lucian, making her untargetable while providing him with constant buffs and heals. The 54.5% win rate when paired shows this duo is extremely potent. Lucian gets to go full damage while Yuumi keeps him healthy, fast, and impossible to lock down or kill.

Her Q – Prowling Projectile applies a slow and bonus on-hit damage when she’s attached to her “Best Friend” ally, which will be Lucian. This helps Lucian kite and duel more effectively.

Yuumi’s E – Zoomies! gives Lucian a big shield and boosts to his move speed and attack speed when she’s attached. This keeps him safe from burst while allowing him to reposition and output even more DPS.

Her ultimate R – Final Chapter is a channeled AoE that damages enemies and heals Lucian at the same time. Yuumi can even move and reattach during this channel for maximum uptime.

Beyond the abilities, Yuumi’s passive Feline Friendship provides health restoration every few spells. This sustains Lucian through long trades and skirmishes. With items like Moonstone Renewer, Dream Maker, and Mikael’s Blessing, Yuumi massively amplifies her shielding, healing, and ability to remove crowd control from Lucian.

Best Supports For Lucian

Sylas, The Unshackled

With a 53.7% win rate when paired together, Sylas and Lucian make a potent duo. Here’s how Sylas empowers Lucian’s abilities,

First, Sylas provides great engage and lockdown with his Q – Chain Lash and E – Abscond/Abduct. He can root enemies with his Q, allowing Lucian to freely output damage. His E gives him a gap-closer to get on top of targets or a disengage tool if needed.

His W – Kingslayer is an execute that heals him based on the enemy’s missing health. This sustain allows Sylas to dive aggressively alongside Lucian. Sylas’s passive Petricite Burst gives him attack speed boosts, helping him kite and reposition in combat. The bonus magic damage also adds to his trading potential.

But Sylas’s biggest strength is his R – Hijack ultimate. By stealing a game-changing ultimate like Malphite or Diana, Sylas can set up massive AOE knock-ups and wombo combos for Lucian’s culling.

With items like Stormsurge, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Shadowflame, Sylas builds a mix of damage, tankiness, and ability haste. This allows him to dish out continuous lockdown while surviving to enable Lucian’s sustained DPS.

Best Supports For Lucian

Gragas, The Rabble Rouser

Gragas and Lucian have a strong 53.4% win rate when partnered together. Here’s how Gragas empowers Lucian’s abilities:

Crowd Control: Gragas excels at setting up kills with his arsenal of displacement and CC. His Q – Barrel Roll slows enemies caught in the explosive radius. His E – Body Slam is a long-range knock-up that can disrupt entire teams. And his R – Explosive Cask provides a huge knock-back zone. This hard CC allows Lucian to safely burst down isolated targets.

Engage/Disengage: With Body Slam and his W – Drunken Rage movement speed boost, Gragas can easily get onto the enemy backline, separating them from their team. Conversely, Explosive Cask lets Gragas and Lucian disengage from unfavorable fights. The threat of Gragas’ displacements forces enemies to play respectfully.

Sustain: Gragas’ passive Happy Hour periodically heals him after using spells. This sustain helps Gragas stick to targets and enables extended trades where Lucian can output maximum DPS.

Damage Amplification: Gragas’ common items like Lich Bane, Shadowflame, and Zak’Zak’s Realmspike provide a ton of ability haste, AP, and bonus magic pen. His high base damages coupled with these stats allow Gragas to chunk enemies before Lucian follows up. Shadowflame is especially potent versus shielded targets.

Best Supports For Lucian

Blitzcrank, The Great Steam Golem

Blitzcrank and Lucian make a potent 53% win rate bot lane duo thanks to Blitz’s unmatched pick potential and Lucian’s follow-up burst damage.

The key is Blitzcrank’s Q – Rocket Grab. This long-range, high-impact skill shot can yank enemy champions right into melee range for Lucian to unleash devastating combos. Even just the threat of Rocket Grab forces opponents to play cautiously, opening up free pokes and all-ins.

When Blitz does land a grab, his E – Power Fist can immediately knock up the enemy for Lucian’s ultimate. Additionally, his W – Overdrive provides a big movement speed steroid to ensure Blitz and Lucian are in a position to follow up on picks.

Blitz’s R – Static Field brings additional utility by shredding shields and silencing victims briefly for Lucian to blow them up. His passive Mana Barrier shields him during all-ins.

With items like Knight’s Vow, Trailblazer, and Celestial Opposition, Blitz builds tanky while still enabling enough damage and CC to complement Lucian. Knight’s Vow in particular allows Blitz to designate Lucian as his anchor, shielding and healing him during fights.


In summary, Lucian has several excellent support partners in 2024 that allow him to fully unlock his damage potential. Whether it’s the peel and sustain of Zac, the protective buffs of Yuumi, the lockdown of Sylas, the disruptive combos of Gragas, or the deadly hooks of Blitzcrank, each of these champions brings unique strengths to enable Lucian’s hyper-carry threat.

With win rates around 53-55%, the numbers prove these pairings are a force to be reckoned with. Teams that can master these powerful bot lane synergies will find themselves a step ahead, as an empowered Lucian can melt through enemy teams. For Lucian players or those looking to dominate bot lane, give these support duos a try and unleash the Purifier’s full potential.

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