How to Travel With Children in the Plane: 5 Easises Tips

How to Travel With Children in the Plane

Many adults are afraid of flying, and sometimes even watching movies and playing at 22Bet mobile don’t help them.  So it’s not surprising that such fear arises in children, either. It is not so easy to calm down an adult who does have to fly. It’s a little easier to prepare a child for a flight than an adult. Here are some great ways.

How to Travel With Children in the Plane

Find Out the Reason for the Fear

Children are often afraid, but they don’t understand the reasons for their fears. You have to help your child figure them out. To do this, you will have to ask some questions. The child probably won’t be able to answer a straightforward question right away, so you will have to go through several reasons that may have caused the fear.

Ask him if he has seen some scary movie about a plane crash. In this case, explain that the movie purposely showed a crash for the sake of spectacle. If the child does not want to sit for hours in a confined space with strangers, tell them that they will not have to communicate with them, because they will be reading, watching cartoons and sleeping the whole flight.

Sometimes it’s enough for a child to say the reason for fear out loud to realize how insignificant it is.

Don’t Ignore the Fear

Children don’t always show their fear right away. But you may notice that your child is too nervous before the flight, talks less, and answers your questions inappropriately. Don’t ignore such behavior.

Tell your child that you notice his or her anxiety and offer to talk about it. If you don’t discuss fears in advance, he will panic already in flight. And you will be confused and not be able to calm him quickly.

Watch Cartoon Episodes About Airplanes

Prepare your child for the flight, telling him everything that awaits him at the airport and on the plane. Or watch episodes of their favorite travel cartoons together.

Keep Your Child Occupied During the Flight

Even after all the talk, your child may panic already on board. It’s important to take more things with you to distract him: a favorite stuffed toy and a couple of new ones, books, and board games.

Try Meditation

Fear can keep a child from focusing even on his favorite toys and board games. Offer meditation to distract him. Meditation doesn’t always help overcome fear, but it can help your child picture himself elsewhere, relax, and control his emotions.

Listen to Instructions

You definitely shouldn’t skip over the pilot’s pre-flight speech. Your child may feel calmer if he knows the crew chief’s name and thus “gets to know” him better.

Also during the speech, the duration of the flight is announced. It often differs from that on the ticket, and it is important for the child to know this information.

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