ACNH Tips and Tricks Will Be Great For Your Island Life In Animal Crossing New Horizons

ACNH Tips and Tricks

The genius of Nintendo Switch with its brand new Animal Crossing New Horizons gives us a seemingly bonachon and simple game that hides a insane amount of hidden secrets and mechanics.

The game omits many of the tricks that have already known those who have been playing for years, so to democratize all that knowledge, there go some tricks and tips of Animal Crossing New Horizons to make your time on the island more comfortable.

ACNH Tips and Tricks

Animal Crossing beginner tips and tricks

Tom Nook helps you keep going. The start is the most complicated thing because it seems that you have dozens of things to do and catching the rhythm is not easy. If you get stuck, go to Tom Nook for guiding. Except on rare occasions, he will tell you what to do in order to keep moving forward.

Understand and take advantage of the organization of materials. Getting materials, animals and objects is a big part of the routine that any Animal Crossing requires, but doing so efficiently requires some kind of organization. Control your pocket and attend to what each item occupies so you don’t have to worry about the size of your pocket. Animal Crossing New Horizons items are organized as follows:

– Groups of 99: weeds.

– Groups of 30: wood, branches, bamboo, stones.

– Groups of 10: fruits, seeds, shells.

– Groups of 1: ACNH furniture, animals, fossils, creations, tools, recipes.

Organize your items. When you’re in inventory, you can hold down the A button to move objects back and forth. Organize your tools and items to make it easier to sell items comfortably and not get lost in pots.

Drop fish on the ground. When you’re waiting for the museum to open, a good way to accumulate animals without your pockets limiting the number of bugs and fish to hunt is to let them down the ground. Avoid dropping fish near the sea because that will cause them to return to the water.

Get easy money. While there are several strategies for maximizing profits, the easiest and fastest thing is to take advantage of recipes to build things you can sell. Never sell the materials you’ve collected, put them through the construction bench, and create something to maximize your profit.

Try to pay Nook as soon as possible. In order to advance the game’s history, focus on meeting all of Nook’s needs. Pay for your trip, give animals, create the store… The game will give you news as you progress through the “main plot”, so if you want to move on try to stick to what it asks.

Review Nook Miles challenges. When it comes to paying bills and buying new items, the Miles program will be helpful, so try to take advantage of it. Travel among its options, find the one that is easiest for you to complete and work on it until you can move on to the next one.

Get the pocket upgrade. One of the best investments you can make with Miles is to improve your pocket to have more spaces. Buy it at the cashier when you have a chance.

Get the tool wheel. The next thing you should have yes or yes is the tool wheel. It will allow you to access all your tools easily and quickly without having to browse the inventory. Not only is it comfortable, it is also crucial to be able to perform some tasks.

Press A to build faster. When you’re on the construction bench, you can press A repeatedly to make your character build faster.

Maximize the materials you get from the rocks. Create a hole-based wall with the shovel or build a fence behind the rocks. That way your character won’t shoot when you hit it and you’ll get 8 fragments of each stone.

The axe cuts trees, so be careful. When it comes to getting wood, be very careful with the axe because you can cut down trees with three strokes. Always use the stone axe unless you want to get rid of a tree.

Buy things always and then sell or give away. One of the ways to improve the game’s options is for villagers to have access to more resources, so try to sell everything you have and don’t want to use. Everything sold can then be purchased from the ATM, so don’t worry about losing it.

Travel to other islands when you run out of resources. If your island’s resources run out and you’re on a mission that requires more materials, invest 2,000 miles for a Animal Crossing NMT to travel to another island from the jetty. There you can continue to get resources and access other surprises.

Visit other islands to get new neighbors, fruits and animals. By traveling to other islands you will not only get more resources, you will also be able to access new animals, new neighbors and fruits that do not grow on your island. Pick them up, make a hole in your island and plant a fruit to get a tree of that species.

Special islands. Another surprise you may encounter when traveling to other islands is to encounter special islands such as tarantulas. The spider is one of the best-selling animals, but requires some patience and mettle to hunt them. Face each time you raise your paws and you can approach them to hunt them with the net.

Eat fruit to break rocks. If you travel to another island you can make the most of all the resources and destroy it completely, so if you want one more piece of stone be sure to hit it after you’ve eaten fruit. That said, first he takes out all his resources as normal.

You can rip trees off with the shovel. If you want to take trees to your island or rearrange yours, a good way to do it is to pick them with the shovel after eating a fruit and then plant them somewhere else.

Make daily challenges. When you get the daily challenges you can complete small missions such as collecting 5 fish or selling items. It’s a good way to earn Miles while doing your routine tasks to get materials.

Messages in the bottle. Watch for messages in a bottle coming to the beach from time to time. They include new recipes that will come from pearls to increase your collection of items.


Gifts flying in a balloon. If you’ve seen a balloon flying over the island but don’t know how to access it, use the slingshot to bust it and let the gift fall. Careful, there must be a hole in the ground to be able to pick it up, if it falls between a handful of flowers you will lose it forever. If it falls into the water you will get a Miles bonus, but only the first time it happens.

ATM shopping. If you buy something from the ATM’s Nook store, you won’t receive it until the next day, so be patient and check your mailbox every morning to discover those and other surprises.

Look at the second page of the stores. Stores have a second page that you can access by pressing the right trigger. Watch out because maybe that thing you’re looking for is on that tab.

Find Gulliver. Another recurring task you should keep in mind is to look for Gulliver on the beach every day to see if he’s shown up. The bird will give you a mission and new gifts every time you complete it.

Turnips as a stock market. Take advantage of the vendors who appear on the island on certain days. On Sundays you can buy turnips that will be sold at different prices each day, as if it were a stock exchange. But watch out, they expire every Saturday night, so be sure to sell them before that happens.

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