Video Marketing for Businesses in 2023

Video Marketing

Still apprehensive of whether your business should go for video marketing? You need to know the statistics for sure. Reports put down that users on the internet will spend 100 minutes per day watching different online videos by the end of this year.

Nevertheless, this statistic went false because the reported number was reached and even surpassed in 2020 itself. That’s because of the global events that forced people into remote-working.

With 70% of the B2B researchers and buyers increasing their use of online videos and 71% of the marketers saying that they used videos in their marketing strategies, video marketing is one of the most effective cornerstones of the marketing strategies of different businesses this 2021.

But why and how- the questions remain!

Let’s dive deeper into this!

Reasons Why Video Marketing is Highly Effective for Businesses

Multimedia, specifically video content, goes a long way in capturing the viewers’ attention and holding the same longer than other similar mediums. Blending visuals, texts, information, and sound into one allows businesses to entertain and inform their prospective clients simultaneously.

Video is visually-enhanced storytelling that explains the most complex concepts to the viewers most concisely and efficiently possible. This way, the customers get a clear understanding of new products and services.

Thus, video marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing for the businesses of the present times. Brands can completely personalize their marketing campaigns by using visual content.

Video marketing is valuable and influential in marketing vlogs, emails, social media posts, and websites. It comes as a powerful way of interacting with modern customers who are always there in the digital space.

Another form of video marketing or branding is live streaming. Even first time streaming enthusiasts can quickly figure out what to do and how to do it thanks to the vast of available information on the web. Live streaming can be powerful but you must do your homework and due diligence before doing it as there are no edits or retakes- live is live!

Visual content has slowly but steadily become the most preferred and popular type of marketing on varied platforms. In 2021, video marketing is probably one of the essential tools for the success of brands and companies.

Starting from magazines and social media to feeds, people like watching videos everywhere. That’s because videos make it easy, effective, and quick for them to grab the information they want.

So, it can rightfully be said that 2021 is the year for brands and businesses to take full advantage of the power and strength of video marketing in driving audience engagement and increasing conversions.

The ones who are already using video marketing, dust off the old strategies and try levelling up with some of the hottest video marketing trends that will bring success for your business this 2021.

Video Marketing

Get Into More of Live Video Streaming

Of course, live video streaming is famous for a long time, but its popularity has gained tremendous momentum this 2021. Experts put down that live video streaming is one of the most engaging ways of interacting with audiences.

It is a type of visual content that is hugely popular among podcasters, music performers, and of course, business marketers! Live videos where influencers interact with people in real-time can be quite enchanting and compelling.

The influencers on different social media platforms chase all kinds of trends that come up new in the video marketing field, and this 2021, businesses can use the same as well.

Going for Animated Explainer Videos Will Work

Animation is something that has always caught the attention of the viewers. It is known for bringing in more sales and conversions mainly because the viewers cannot help but take action when they see animated visual content presented on a particular site or the web on the whole.

The viewers’ actions pertain to either buying the product or the service advertised or referring to friends and families. Animation has the power of setting a solid brand image and sticking to the hearts of prospective customers.

The use of animated explainer videos on their websites is one trend that businesses cannot afford to ignore, considering the constantly growing popularity of TikTok and YouTube. Thus, it makes sense for brands to use a good quality advertisement video maker like InVideo to make animated advertisements that can hold the viewers’ attention.

Believe it or not but experts anticipate seeing the significant advantage of animated explainer videos for brands across varied industries shortly.

Email Video Marketing Is and Will Be On the Rise

Businesses looking to upgrade their email marketing plans this 2021 can add the term “video” to the subject of their emails. This will automatically increase the email opening rate by around 19% and the click-through rate by 65%.

Simply adding the term “video” to an email that can be anything, from an invitation and newsletter to a promotion, can increase conversions by around 80%. The numbers alone speak of the benefits of including the video factor in the email marketing strategies of businesses.

Email video marketing offers brands the right way if standing out from the plethora of email marketers who are still text-focused. Businesses can also include company logos and the subscribers’ names to personalize the viewers’ video experience.

Considering the difficult times when in-person meetings have gone out of the scene, email videos can serve as a suitable medium for staying connected and relevant to leads and customers.

Vlogging Is the Future

Vlogging has already become a good way of interacting with the target audience, and its popularity will gain momentum shortly. At present, big brands and big influencers are using vlogging to interact with their customers, bringing in good profits.

Companies into video marketing can easily create their own YouTube channels and share daily routines, stories of team members, behind-the-scene videos, and updates about their new services and products there.

This will be one good way for the brands to embrace a beautiful video marketing trend that will bring them results in the long run.

Final Words

Businesses of these modern times need to have their hands on the most exciting and most significant video marketing trends of 2021. The majority of the trends explained above have already dominated customers’ screens, and some are yet to make their presence felt.

So, the businesses that are still way behind in incorporating videos in their marketing strategies should give it a second thought.

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