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3 Occupations Where You Can Make Good Money (Investment Advisor)

Investment Advisor

Earning a living can feel like a challenging job for many people, especially those working for a median salary and fighting off the rising cost of living in their local demographic. To analyze how salaries can differ based on role and location, an advanced salary comparison is often used.

Ultimately, we all dream of making more money in our chosen career paths, but sometimes we have to deal with long periods of mediocre pay and enduring less-than-fulfilling roles as we climb our way up the corporate ladder. It’s probably safe to say that some career paths are more lucrative than others. In this post, we’re going to discuss three promising and potentially lucrative professions in the financial, medical, and trade industries.

With these three occupations, earning great money from the outset is often locked in, and the best part is that work in these fields is usually something that you are already doing in either small or large amounts. This means that you already possess the requisite skills to make a career move that will benefit your significant picture objectives.

For a more extensive action, flexible education options are becoming the standard in the field of college learning, so adding additional credentials or a certificate to augment your bachelor’s degree or tackling a new degree program altogether can be done in your spare time in pursuit of a more significant jump to the workplace you want to call home eventually.

1. Investment Advisor, Penny Stock Trader, or Nasdaq Analyst

Investment Advisor

Investing is something that everyone should be doing. Still, the sad truth is that a great many people in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere don’t understand the Nasdaq, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), or how to make intelligent stock picks when it comes to penny stocks, ETFs, or other commodities.

It doesn’t take a doctoral degree to begin building great instincts in the stock market. Yet, many people leave stock market participation behind, favouring dour bank savings rates or a total lack of savings altogether!

Last year changed all that, and U.S.-based investors are looking to the future more openly. Buying up penny stocks, ETFs, and other commodities traded on the NYSE is now standard practice. The best penny stocks to buy now are those with significant potential upside in the coming months.

This is true for any stock-buying opportunity, and penny stocks are a single tool in the vast arsenal that investment analysts, financial advisors, and individual stock market traders utilize to generate significant returns on investment.

Penny stocks are precisely what they sound like: cheap stock commodities trading at the dollar range or lower. One of the key metrics when evaluating a company’s growth potential is market capitalization.

For a simple example, one might look at Amazon (NYSE: AMZN). According to the market cap stat, Amazon is worth nearly $2 trillion, whereas a penny stock like 5N Plus (TSX: VNP) trades around CAD 3 and boasts a large enough market cap at $233 million yet dwarfed by the giants like Amazon.

In simple terms, a doubling of the company’s value—and therefore share price—is far easier to attain for a small-cap company than a gigantic one.

Investment advisors understand fine details like this and help clients make their money work smarter for them. In return, financial planners rake in a very healthy salary.

2. Medical Professions: Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Physician Assistant, or Dental Hygienist

Medical Professions

In the U.S., Canada, and worldwide, patients suffer from a variety of ailments and require treatment, medication, and much more from advanced medical teams. Physical therapists help those who’ve suffered a break or tear recover and gain complete mobility once more; dentists help people maintain proper tooth and gum health to protect their hearts and smiles.

Pharmacists make a killing when it comes to median salary while advising patients on medications and dosage recommendations. There are high paying medical jobs in a variety of different subsections of the medical field. With the right educational background or a simple addition to your resume while finishing up in your current role, making the shift into one of these high paying careers might be the best decision you’ve ever made.

3. Plumbers, Electricians, and Tradesmen


Trade work is another lucrative opportunity for those looking for a fast change from a job they hate. Learning the craft of electrical work, plumbing, and other technical fields is a great way to lock in guaranteed work for life. People always need assistance with heating and air, plumbing, and much more within their homes, and these professionals are paid handsomely for their expertise and service.

Making a move to a new and exciting career can give you more than just a great paycheck—it can infuse new excitement and enjoyment into your daily grind as you reimagine your working hours as something far more enjoyable.

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