Top 10 Customer Engagement Strategies for BigCommerce Stores

Customer Engagement

Engaging your customers in your BigCommerce store may not be an easy task. But as customer engagement is important to generate revenue, you have to consider it seriously.

A part of relationship marketing, customer engagement strategies should be developed to mark the success of your online businesses. You have to devise ways to retain customers on your websites and thus give them time to plan purchases.

With effective customer engagement strategies, it is possible to flow customers to your BigCommerce stores and plan conversions. Explore the benefits of clever strategizing and boost the prospects of your online BigCommerce  stores.

#1 Customer Experience is Important

Remember to focus on customer experience. It is essential that you understand the requirements of customers and this will  help you keep them happy, thus building loyalty. Happy customers will love to revisit your online stores frequently and will choose to be loyal. This implies repeat purchases that will fetch you good profits and shoot up revenue.

There are plenty of ways to improve customer experience. You need patient customer service executives to attend your customers, settle their queries and bring in customer satisfaction. You can also provide multiple customer contact options such as email, phone, chat, live chat, social media etc.

#2 Utilize Social Media to Create Awareness on Brands and Services

Use hashtags and promote content about brands in social media. Provide real customer feedback and share the happy customer experience to other visitors. This could directly contribute to visitor to customer conversions.

This will motivate customers to be engaged in your online stores and based on the trust developed by social media, their interests will be lingered in your e-store -its brands and products. They will read the positive experience that customers benefited from your store and be engaged in shopping for the same products in your BigCommerce store.

#3 Create Brand Trust

 Build the trust of your brand in the minds of the customers. Provide videos, blogs, articles and promotional material on your products and services. This will help customers relate to your brands and develop their interests.

With content and promotions that leverage understanding on brands, you can win the trust of customers and propel into the customers mind. As an online store hosting trusted brands, you will be able to gain from customer engagement on your online BigCommerce store.

#4 Personalize Customer Communication

Who doesn’t like to be called by your name and provide plenty of information about different brands and related information.

For instance, I liked to be called Sara and receive mails loaded with top product information addressed to me personally in my inbox. Surely, the largest fraction of your customers will love it too! They will start engaging in your online store.

You can also provide details on the status of your customers orders, give transit details, and product recommendations based on customer’s previous purchases.

You can also send festive or birthday, anniversary wishes to your customers. They will have new reasons to visit your e-store and plan engagement. Wishing them on their birthday can remind them to shop in your e-store on their birthdays or anniversaries.

#5 Live Chats Apps for BigCommerce

Plan a live chat widget on your BigCommerce store and interact with them. Get to know their product preferences and with timely help they will be encouraged to engage in your online store.

Live chats are preferred by plenty of shoppers and such support can improve their online shopping experience greatly. It will help them save time and provide them good convenience in finding products.

#6 Informative and useful content

Provide informative videos, blogs, articles, step-by-step guide on using technical products. While the customers are best informed on products, they will visit your online BigCommerce store, read through the product information and plan purchase. For improving online engagement at e-store, video marketing is an effective strategy.

If you are planning better customer engagement due to low sales, take a hint from the suggestion and wait for the assured results. Find out the shopping behaviour of your customers through Analytics and produce content that aligns with their interests. Provide details that will be most useful to them.

#7 Focus on Your Customers Requests and Feedback

Your customers will find their online shopping experience as running into a wall, if feedback is not considered positively. You are in position to accept customer complaints, feedback, requests, suggestions and more. Take adequate action and they shouldn’t feel ignored.

Instead, they should get the message that their words are taken in for action and they will be favoured for their issues. Your customers may be facing genuine issues and have complaints regarding the same. Listen to them carefully. Another clever way to boost customer engagement online.

Surely, they will love their shopping experience if you actualize their suggestions, take action for their complaints and they will love to be engaged in your online store. You can also post questions to them and based on the feedback, plan improvements to meet customer satisfaction.

You could also provide them customer assistants who will address their issues after conversing with them. After all, your focus is customer interest and satisfying them can be a great approach towards customer engagement online.

#8 Accept Returns and Other Customer-friendly Functions

An example in this regard would be the e e-commerce retailers as Amazon and Flipkart. Though they have always been popular, when they started accepting returns based on customer complaints, their popularity doubled and almost anyone was happy to shop in the sites.

This implies that earlier customers had complaints and grit about products but they were not able to lodge them. But with the return option introduced, they are able to curb their problem and greatly appreciate the redressal gesture. This can be a valid reason for recurrent purchases and high customer engagement in your online store.

#9 Work on First Impression

As in all cases, first impressions are important in online BigCommerce stores too for customer engagement. If a first time customer is not impressed, he will not plan a purchase online or opt for repeat purchase. Impress them and engage them in your online store.

#10 Plan Refunds and Product Exchange

Provide refunds and exchange for products if reasons are genuine. Customers will love the security for their money with the option to exchange and get refunds.

They will be keen to shop in such stores where the conditions are customer-friendly. So, a lot of customers will flood your online stores and be engaged in shopping for all their favourite products. Truly, plenty of customer engagement chances in this case.

Yes, do your best to adapt all or some of these strategies and improve customer engagement in your online stores. Good luck for great customer engagement success in your BigCommerce stores.

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