Handicap Meaning In Betting | What Is The Handicap In Betting In Cricket?

Handicap In Betting In Cricket

Handicap meaning in Cricket

If you are a sports fanatic then you are probably aware of the concept of handicap in sports. If not; well read ahead because this article is definitely for you in which we’ll explain the handicap meaning as well as handicap in betting and cricket.

Handicap In Betting In Cricket

On the 24betting website, users can be at ease against all online cricket betting odds  because a bookmaker uses a handicap on the occasion of forecasting match winnings or odd teams. The site is trustworthy that has a worthy good reputation. Henceforth players should be convinced that all bettings in sports carried out at the 24betting website are done fairly with a fast withdrawal and transaction facility.

What is Handicap Betting?

In the simplest of words; handicap in betting is a way through which bookmakers make any sport a fair and honest event. Handicaps in sports usually take place when one team is stronger than the opponent team. Thus, the meaning of handicap is that the bookies would provide the playing field with more odds other than the common win, lose or draw scenario. A handicap is offered on a team to make the playing field more even.

Handicap Betting In Cricket

Handicaps in cricket follow the same idea. The meaning of handicap in cricket refers to a way of providing a “handicap” in case of betting odds.

Handicap in cricket would be in terms of the wickets and runs of a particular team. The best winnings on handicap in cricket are when the underdog team wins and you have placed your bets on the “losing team”.

How does Handicap betting work in Cricket?

Handicap cricket works best in Test, ODI, and T20 matches. Teams of data analysts and researchers are constantly analyzing the match to review the outcomes

Let’s walk through a few scenarios to help you fully understand the concept of handicap cricket.

India versus Zimbabwe! 90% of Cricket fans already know that India will win given their previous winning history and strength of the team. In a T-20 match, India has made total runs of 230 and many people already doubt Zimbabwe that they won’t be able to reach that run rate.

Bookies placed a handicap on Zimbabwe to make the match interesting; a handicap of -30.5 runs. Having done the previous research, the odds of India winnings widen which can further add more value to bets placed.

We can also view another example! A Pakistan and India match of 50 overs. India wins the toss and bats first making a score of 300 runs. Given Pakistan’s batting record against India, there’s no saying that Pakistan will beat India. The bookmaker decides to give Pakistan 50.5 runs while giving a disadvantage to India of 50.5 runs. Having done your research; a bet is placed on Pakistan of +50.5. This means you will win your bet on cricket match online if India does not win by 51 runs or completely loses the match.

Overall, you can say that a run handicap is applied if the team that does batting later and bowls first wins.

Wicket handicap on the other hand takes place before all bettings are placed. The bookmakers would reduce the number of wickets each team loses. For example; India has 1 wicket left and South Africa lost all theirs. A run handicap and wicket handicap both are applied when 1 innings is finished.

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