Secure Anonymous Betting in Crypto – The Reality Of 2023

Secure Anonymous Betting in Crypto

Secure Anonymous Betting in Crypto

Traditionally, the sports betting world has seen movements that required the confirmation of identity from customers of online betting shops. Betting operators themselves do not mind accepting bets from incognito punters. However, they were often forced to take personal data by regulators from the governments of the countries whose licenses were issued. That is why a logical question arises: will anonymous betting be legal in 2023  if non-fiat methods of mutual settlements are used for betting?

In general, the principle of blockchain technologies allows owners of cryptocurrency cells to maintain their anonymity. Only the wallet number is required to pay for certain services or goods. As of 2023, the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has become global thanks to the convenience, speed of money transfers, and the ability to ensure anonymity.

Cryptocurrency bookmaker licenses

Cryptocurrency sports betting companies benefit from the possibility of licensing in various offshore zones. This is why they are not required to pay a high tax on their online activities. Users, in their turn, do not have to pay a commission for the service of such betting sites.

Can the presence of a Curacao license be considered a sufficient factor for the perception of bookmakers as legal? Of course, yes, because a license is legitimate no matter where it is obtained. Even though some countries impose their veto on such methods of circumventing their rules, they cannot prohibit their residents from betting in cryptocurrency on such platforms.

Methods of circumventing offshore betting bans

Let’s again outline how punters can register and regularly use websites not usually available in their geographical latitudes. First, a VPN browser extension allows you to change your virtual location to a different one. Usually, even free programs or plugins are enough, but the regional bonus policy of a BTC bookmaker will depend on it. Therefore, if this is a fundamental issue for the client, investing some more money in a paid VPN application makes sense.

Interestingly, most modern desktop browsers offer an “incognito” mode that does not record the history of visits to particular websites. This is where we gradually come to the anonymity mode, which is implemented on specific betting platforms to maximize customer security. It should be distinct from secure cryptocurrency transfers because here we are talking about ensuring that no one, not even the bookie, knows who exactly deposits a game account and then uses bonuses on his website.

External gaming accounts

A clear sign of the anonymity of the BTC website of a bookmaker is that funds do not directly go to the accounts of the company that organizes the bet but are kept on independent platforms until the end of the sporting event. In fact, as of the first half of 2023, only a few bookies managed to ensure the implementation of this regime. Nevertheless, if it is implemented, it can be considered a definite advantage. Therefore, a punter should pay more attention to such a company and consider long-term cooperation.

Checking the truth of the anonymous mode

A reasonably simple test for the anonymity of a bookie is whether it accepts payments from fiat wallets alongside cryptocurrency wallets. If this is the case, it is unlikely that such cooperation is safe. In addition, the client is likely to be charged a commission at the depositing stage or when trying to receive the first payment from the account.

Verification of the gaming account

Today, there is also a paradoxical situation in which most online bookmakers that accept BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies for betting require their customers to identify themselves. Of course, this is a bold marker that no anonymity is involved. We advise you to bypass such sites and look for reliable ones where you will not be asked for unnecessary information that bookies would prefer to keep secret.

Quality of the odds line

A rather unexpected marker of whether the game on the website of a particular bookmaker is safe can be the size of the margin included in its odds. The top quotes indicate that the operator does not work legally and, in some way, avoids full tax payment.

There may be a situation when a seemingly standard line with a margin of 3-5% is periodically offered without any margin at all. This is presented as a bonus, and in such a situation, we need to talk about a legal and safe platform for sports betting.

Bonuses as a sign of legitimacy

There is only a need to chase generous bonuses with additional conditions. A potential customer of a cryptocurrency bookmaker should always investigate additional conditions. If the wagering is real, the wagering requirements are narrow enough, and the bonus amount is not too high, then these are the companies to pay attention to. Their odds line will likely be quite adequate, where all parties of the process will earn money. After all, with a classic line, a cryptocurrency bookmaker should also make a profit, which is normal.

The line of bonuses for new and current punters at the most reliable and trusted BTC bookmakers ranges from three to seven suggestions at a time. It is also logical that a client cannot use several bonuses at once and will have to choose. Again, this is a requirement of any regular market, and cryptocurrency betting on is no exception.


We wish you good choices and safe and legitimate bets in 2023! If they are also anonymous, it is a big pro. Do not think you are breaking the law this way because this is a normal trend in the modern world. It requires cryptocurrency betting operators and betting market regulators to be flexible, adapting to user requests as much as possible.

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