Baccarat Overview, Variations and Game Rules

Baccarat Overview, Variations and Game Rules

Baccarat is amongst the oldest casino games and was invented in England from where it traveled to South America, where it became popular amongst the elite class. When Baccarat was introduced in Nevada the game tried to maintain its upper-class status there also, but today the game is open for every player online. One of the biggest resources about the game is Baccarat.GURU. All about the game and free demo available for players without any limits or registration.

Common variations of Baccarat

Punto Banco – Punto Banco is a variation of Baccarat that is identical to the game of American Baccarat. The game has two versions: Punto Banco and Mini Punto Banco. The betting options are three in which a Player is Punto, Bank is Banco, and Tie which is Egalatie.

Mini-Baccarat – This variation is very famous in America and it resembles American Baccarat. The table has the size of a Blackjack table and the table is smaller as compared to the American Baccarat table. At one single time, seven players can play and it is the croupier who acts as a banker and deals with all hands.

Baccarat en Banque – The game is famous at some of the casinos in Europe and the game can also be played if there is only one player present on the table. The house acts as Bank and it is commonly played in Europe.

Chemin de fer – This variation is famous in France but it is prohibited in North America. Chemin de fer variation is played with two players and the casino is not involved in funding the game. Two hands are dealt by the banker and you bet with the rest of the players. For the American version of the game, the rules for ‘Hit’ and ‘Stand’ also differ.

European Baccarat – It is very much clear from the name itself that the game is popular in Europe. The game is also financed by the banker just like in Chemin de fer and it is the banker who decides for the game cap. When you say Banco that means you are interested to bet on the whole cap.

Rules for Baccarat

The rules for the online Baccarat are very much identical to the rules of Punto Banco Baccarat and North American Baccarat.

Your main objective is that with the help of your hand you have to be as close to nine as possible. Every player gets a total of three cards and the player who successfully reaches closer to nine is declared the winner.

If the sum total of the first two initial cards is either eight or nine then your hand is natural and you don’t need to draw more cards.

You need to draw another card just in case the total of your first two initial cards is lower than five or it is equal to five.

If you have not taken the third card then the banker according to his cards can take the third card. The banker takes the third card when the total of the bank is two or equivalent to two. The banker can take a third card if his total is three and the player’s sum total of their cards should not surpass eight.

You have three choices where you can make a bet- the player’s hand, the dealer’s hand, and the tie. Let us assume that you have made a bet on the player’s hand and if the dealer’s card is inferior to the player’s hand then you are a winner. Most importantly you don’t have to pay any kind of fee for this.

And if you have made a bet on the bank and the player’s card is superior to the bank’s hand, then you get to win the bet. Here you have to pay some amount as a fee. The fee paid by you is noted by the dealer and is collected at the end of the game.

How to win in the Baccarat

You should keep an eye on the scoreboard and also on the previous hands. If you are aware of it then only you can make the right winning strategy.

If you chose to play single decks then you have major chances of winning, it also increases the returns by providing the best of the returns for the banker bet.

You should try and avoid ties. It may offer high payouts as compared to any banker bets but you should prefer to avoid it anyway. There is a five percent house advantage for the tie bets.

If you look at the numbers you will see that betting on the banker has far better odds. You should remember one important thing there is no house advantage although it is comparatively smaller for the game of Baccarat and eventually the house will come as the winner.

It is always better that you bet on the banker so that you can reduce the house advantage.

The odds for winning in the game of Baccarat are very high so your betting style matters a lot.


If you have not tried Baccarat, one of the most famous and exciting card games, then you must. You have to place the bets with the best odds to win, also do take care of the strategies involved.

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