15 benefits of drinking water and other water facts

15 benefits of drinking water


Benefits of drinking water:

Water is one of the necessities of life without which a human cannot survive. The optimum hydration level of the human body helps balance the body’s functionality and processes. How much water should I drink a day? It is the most commonly asked question that people ask, but it is not that difficult to know. A water intake calculator is a digital tool that helps assess the water intake requirement for the users. Four main parameters affect the hydration status of the body: (i) gender, (ii) weather, (iii) physical activity, and (iv) weight. 

The hydration calculator is fantastic as it focuses on all these factors. A person having high physical activity has more water losses, for which he needs more water intake. The males have higher water intake requirements than females. The suggested water intake for males is 3.7 litres and for females is 2.7 litres. But this is the general rule and not specified for every Person. The individual water intake is easy to access from the water intake calculator.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Interesting facts about water:

Benefits of Drinking Water is an elite benefit in providing tasks that a person can do regularly. The hydration level of the body helps improve and maintain the cognitive, physical, and aesthetic aspects. Following are a few interesting facts about the water linked with the body:

· The human body consists of more than 50 % of water.

· The blood consists of 90 % water. 

· Water the best drink to have for a human body.

· Drinking water helps reduce weight. 

· Water is involved in the body’s metabolism, thus in all body system processes. 

· Water has no calories. 

Top 15 benefits of drinking water:

Access water calculator online and keep track of your regular intake. A water intake calculator provides the user with the body’s daily water requirement, which can track the hydration status. Following are the few prominent amazing beets of drinking water. Have a look at these to have to understand the importance of hydration and make a habit of drinking water:

1. Proper water intake helps make skin fresh and glowing.

2. A water intake calculator also helps in losing weight with proper hydration status.

3. Dehydration is associated with kidney damage, kidney stones. So make sure you are taking enough water daily. 

4. Complete the hydration status of the body improves exercise performance. 

5. Daily water intake prevents urinary tract infection.

6. It works amazingly for the body’s metabolism.

7. Water Intake assists in preventing multiple diseases like hypertension. 

8. Water intake is positively linked with thermoregulation in the body. The dehydrated body causes a low temperature in the body. When a person works out, the body sweats, and water loses, which lowers body temperature. 

9. The hydration prevents constipation and other gastrointestinal ailments. Gastrointestinal ailments are common in people of every age due to low immunity and lousy eating habits. So the well-maintained water intake and prebiotic provide a practical approach for gastrointestinal tract health. So, track your water intake by water intake calculator and ensure health integrity.

10. The optimum hydration status makes the body energetic and free of tiredness.

11. If a human body is not hydrated well, it can lead to heatstroke and risk life. 

12. It helps flush out the body waste easily. It helps clean the beauty, which beautifies the inner and outer body. 

13. The proper water intake determined by the water intake calculator helps a person in lifting mood.

14. Proper and peaceful sleep is also affected by the water intake of a person. The treatment regimen of sleep apnea also includes well hydration.

15. Polish your cognitive functioning through the optimum hydration status of the body. The students who take enough water in a day have shown tremendous physical activity and cognitive functionality. 

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