Why keeping track of your workout is important

Benefits of Keeping Track of Your Workout

Every one of us is on a fitness journey. It can be that one of us is trying to lose weight, others are trying to stay fit, one of us is dealing with a health issue which requires a workout and a strict diet, and more. Whatever the case is, it is imperative to know that no two people share the same journey.

Their destination is the same- to be fit, and to achieve that, the most important thing you need to do is track it. If you aren’t monitoring your fitness journey, you will not know if what you are doing is making a difference or not. The best way to track your workout is by logging it.

Logging your meals, your exercise of the day, and what you feel is important. You can log in a journal online and also you can use Canva to make a diet planner. But why do we need to log our fitness journey to track it? What is the importance of this step? No idea, well let’s figure out this below.

1. It helps you stay honest

Using a Canva planner, you can print out your workout regiment and paste it in your journal. It will help you to perform all these exercises with honesty. Otherwise, a lot of times we skip some workout because we don’t feel like doing them or we feel too tired for them.

But when you have a plan, and you know you will write about what you did, and didn’t do, it will help you stay on the straight path.

2. It helps you make a modification to your diet and workout

If you are carefully logging everything that you ate a day and what exercises you did, it will help you figure out if something or the other is not working for you. Maybe drinking two cups of coffee is making you dehydrated or a set of exercise is constantly giving you back-pain. When you log, you can know this, and thus, doing modification to your diet becomes simple.


3. It is a source of motivation and inspiration

When you log your day to day fitness activity in a journal, you write what you ate, how much you ran that day, how much weight you lost in a week, and more. This little book has all your achievements, and it will help you inspire and motivate yourself to work harder on your body when you feel down.

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A lot of times you don’t feel like doing healthy things, once a day is okay. But if it stretches for long, you lose motivation which is normal. So, having a log will aid you to get back in the game.

4. It is a medium to vent out your frustration

Some days are not good gym wise. You may have a set goal, but you may not achieve it. Or even after a splendid workout, you feel down. It can be due to something else that is on your mind or something else. Whatever it is writing about it after you track your workout is a great idea. No one is going to read your journal; it is a safe place with no judgment. So, vent your heart out and then get back to your fitness journey.

5. It helps you achieve all your goals

It is not good for your motivation to set unrealistic goals. How do you know what goals are achievable for you and what not? By journalizing your journey of eating and working out. It will show you how fast or slow you are making progress helping you set realistic goals. Thus, in turn, it will push you in the right direction.

Every journey is full of struggles, and yours to get fit and healthier is no different. All you need to do is track it by writing a journal so that you know when you are behind your goal. It also inspires you to keep going on and is a great way to measure your success.

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