Why do popular diets flop? 5 reasons to know

popular diets

5 reasons to know popular diets flop:  You might have seen various people following different diet plans, but these plans won’t work for them, or other diets have flopped for so many reasons. If you people have a short mindset, you won’t understand the purpose of a diet plan. Diet doesn’t mean to starve yourself or say goodbye to favourite foods. We can have everything with proper nutrition. Here in this blog, we are going to share why various popular diets flop? Take a look

Commitment to a healthy lifestyle

Whatever diet you follow, it’s essential to do a strict commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Unrealistic expectations of dieting are temporary, and you won’t be able to get fast results. Just start with small lifestyle changes to transform into a healthy lifestyle. Let me add one thing here: never starve because that diet would always make you unhappy.

Always opt for good health practices because these things will be prolonged and become a way of life. If you don’t commit, you won’t get the desired results. People who have been under any rehab treatment won’t be difficult for them because they already had detox treatment and somehow spent 6 months or a year for a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep deficiency

Diet plan flops because we don’t follow proper sleeping patterns and focus on making eating habits right. When you don’t get sufficient sleep, leptin goes down, making you always hungry. Do you know it increases heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity? It also develops a metabolic disorder, and weight loss becomes impossible. Try to take at least 8 hours every night.

Irregular eating schedules

Timing plays a crucial role, especially in our eating and sleeping patterns, so we have to pay attention to our eating schedules that have become irregular because of negative health effects. It increases the risk of obesity, hypertension and inflammation. By following proper eating, schedules will help you in quick weight loss.

Adjust eating timings. Take breakfast within one hour of waking up and then after 3-4 hours take a meal and then adjust the time for snacks or night meal. It maintains energy and never lets your metabolism down. Diets always lop when people don’t follow proper eating schedules.

Keep track of consumed calories

It doesn’t matter whatever diet is being followed but keeping track of calories is extremely difficult. People who are not preparing meals for themselves don’t know about hidden calories, so eating by keeping all these hidden calories in view is essential. Ask your nutritionist how many calories you need per day.

There are so many searches supporting different calorie intake for giving awareness to people. Do you know people become more active in keeping track of consumed calories?
Popular diets that are not for you

Paleo Diet

This diet is popular for those who are into heavy workouts, especially CrossFit. Do you know people on paleo diet eat grass-fed meats and contain healthy fats such as fresh produce, eggs, nuts and seeds? Dairy products are not allowed, and only decent healthy food is allowed. People have to remain strict with this diet for results.

Gluten-free diet

People who have an allergy to gluten always prefer a gluten-free diet for weight loss. Gluten is not associated with weight gain, and gluten-containing foods always include a large portion of diet. Bread products, crackers and other products containing gluten are not allowed. Various companies focus on gluten-free products but still contain sugar, starch and different calories which is not the right thing for gluten.

Juicing diets

In juicing, diet people always need to rely on juicing and other liquid options, but the good thing about this diet is simple. Do you know this diet has cons as well? It has excessive sugar, although you don’t add extra sugar, some fruits have a high sugar level. If we separate fructose from the juice, then we get hungry again in a short time. So juicing diets hardly work for many people.

Packaged food diet

Various diet plans are packaged based, and you may have come across multiple companies who offer a convenient eating program, but you can’t rely on these meals. Packaged meals are high in sodium and increase the level of high blood pressure. Portion sizes are also very small, and you would become hungry again.

Diet is not about starving, but small portion size makes you hungrier. People with health issues need to discuss this with their health professionals before getting started with this.

Wheat belly diet

This diet is all about cutting wheat from your routine, but what if you like the bread then would it be easy for you to quit? Not. As we have already mentioned, cutting your favorite food doesn’t mean you are on a diet. Suppose any diet eliminates any favourite food from your diet rather than limiting the intake. Otherwise, you will be exhausted from following a repetitive diet routine. This diet might not work for you if you don’t do it from the heart.

Military diet

This diet is all about losing 10 pounds in 3 days and a maximum of 30 pounds in the first month, but for this, you have to consume tuna, hot dogs and grapefruit. You have to restrict yourself to 1200-1500 calories intake including lean protein, fruits and veggies. It is not suitable for people who want to continue this long term because it doesn’t sound good nutritionally.

These are the reasons why popular diets always fail and which diet may not be suitable for you. Consult your nutritionist to know which one is for you and which shouldn’t be followed at any cost as per your medical symptoms. Only those diets work for people which are designed according to health needs and lifestyle.

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