Top Manufacturing Tech Trends in 2023

Manufacturing Tech trends

As with most industries, as the years pass, the ways in which the manufacturing industry operates changes over time. As particular technologies rise to prominent use, and different trends regarding workforce rights, needs and attitudes come to the fore, the industry looks to pivot to ensure that everything is running as smoothly and effectively as it possibly can.

Especially when it comes to technology, manufacturing is considered to be at the front in terms of utilizing the latest tech to attain the best results, with the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of manufacturing processes something that companies will look to capitalize upon at every opportunity.

While this continues to be true, there are also other issues that the manufacturing industry is having to posture to deal with, in particular considering the effect that manufacturing and industry have had, and continue to have, on the health of the environment and ecological systems.

This means that 2022’s manufacturing trends aren’t necessarily all about optimizing manufacturing processes to the most refined point, but also about reducing impact on the environment and dealing with problems caused by the current geopolitical landscape.

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Automated Quality Control

One aspect of manufacturing processes that will never lose its importance is quality control. Once products have been made, there are still a raft of processes to complete before it is entirely ready to be dispatched to retailers, to ensure that both the standards of companies and consumers alike are met.

These quality control processes are often a case of highly precise analysis and measurement – for some products, such as cosmetics, it’s important to analyze products down to even the atomic level to know for sure that all standards metrics have been met.

While relevant processes such as x-ray diffraction can be done by the direction of humans, the level of precision involved plus the fact that humans are prone to errors means that it’s more efficient and effective for everyone for the process to be automated.

Solving Supply Chain Issues

Another of the manufacturing industry trends that will define operations in 2022 is the impact of supply chain issues. Due to the current geopolitical situation in areas of the world such as Russia and Ukraine, as well as the fact that Covid had a huge impact on the seamless flow of goods and services, means that it’s no longer as guaranteed that important materials can be sourced effectively.

The fact that manufacturing components are no longer so readily available means that prices have been driven up considerably.

It’s now down to businesses to ensure their supply chains are running properly by ensuring open channels of communications with all involved, and staying connected with supply chain news as well as potential alternative sources of products.

Focus on Net-Zero

As with all industries, a focus on reducing carbon emissions to net-zero is also a priority for the manufacturing industry. Historically, it is manufacturing that has caused many of the issues that the planet faces today, namely in the large amounts of non-renewable energy used, as well as non-recyclable plastics that are nearly impossible to naturally biodegrade.

This means that in 2022 there will be more focus than ever on making manufacturing processes green, by increasing efficiency wherever possible and using renewable energy sources in factories.

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