Features of the Microsoft Net Web-Shop Software

Microsoft Net Web-Shop Software

When it comes to webshops and e-commerce sites, factors such as functionality, customer experience, and design play a significant role. The online marketplace is quite competitive and brands need to be at the top of their game to stay relevant.

There is some features your e-commerce site need for you to stay competitive. Other issues such as marketing and brand awareness will also come in handy later on. In this guide, we review some of the top features of the Microsoft net web-shop software.

Mobile-First Design

Many internet users access different websites using their smartphones or tablets. Good e-commerce sites should be responsive to ensure that all users can access it. The design also plays a vital role in customer experience.

Most e-commerce sites come with a couple of storefront themes. Statistics show that most users lean towards sites that are easy to use. The idea is to help your clients access different products, shop, and check out easily.

Keep in mind, as an e-commerce site owner, you only have three seconds to convince a visitor to purchase on your site.

Seamless Integrations

Third-party plugins and APIs can help improve customer experience on your Microsoft net web-shop software. There are plenty of APIs available, for example email marketing, payment gateways, and SEO marketing.

The Microsoft net web-shop software allows you to install the APIs at no extra cost. In addition, the integrations are seamless. If you come across any challenge, you can contact their open-source network of developers to help you out.


Headless means that both the front and backend are decoupled. This is a part of agile software development that allows developers to work on different parts of the platform without affecting functionality.

The backend of the Microsoft net web-shop software includes APIs and the database. The APIs typically handle customer requests while the database is necessary for storing data. The storefront features the product catalog, filter options, and search bar.

Headless e-commerce platforms also give developers a chance to use different tech stacks. For example, the backend could be built using Microsoft .net pack with the frontend using a JavaScript framework.

Cloud-Native Support

Cloud computing offers better data security and is faster than the currently available hosting technologies. For instance, the Virto Commerce Microsoft net web-shop software makes use of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

This makes deployment easier. Some activities such as feature updates and scalability are also automated.

Wrapping Up

Microsoft net web-shop software is making it easier for SMEs to set up online shops at a cheaper cost. Entrepreneurs and brands can rely on top-notch marketing and SEO to promote their brand online and boost their search engine ranking to attract more clients. Modern e-commerce platforms have more features designed to make running your online business easier.

Besides that, the platform leverages automated web processes to run feature updates giving you time to work on creating amazing customer experiences. The Microsoft net web-shop software also has cloud-native support, meaning that you don’t have to worry about hosting services.

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