Linux Mint Cinnamon VS Mate [Side-By-Side Comparison]

Linux Mint Cinnamon VS Mate

Linux Mint Cinnamon VS Mate:  It was a workshop day at the university and everyone was excited. The workshop aims to educate the audience about the Linux operating system.

As soon as I heard the term operating system, the basic definition of operating system came to my mind. The operating system is called:

“Software is responsible for managing all scheduled tasks and activities of the computer.”

Linux Mint Cinnamon VS Mate

The Linux operating system is the most widely used operating system in the world. At university, students must study the Linux operating system in the “Operating System” course. The theme of the workshop was “Linux Mint Cinnamon VS Mate”. Let us first go into the details of Linux operating system.

Linux operating system

Linux Operating System is an open source operating system. It’s free. Anyone can use it as it is available to the public. It can be modified as needed. Because it is publicly available, anyone can contribute to the Linux community using this operating system.

The Android mobile operating system is also based on the Linux operating system. It is a secure operating system. All programs on Linux are administrator approved, so Linux provides proper security for its programs.

Due to the customization options provided by Linux, it can be used on personal computers, servers, cloud and supercomputers. Linux is a large community of talented developers. It provides 24/7 support to customers with the help of a team of experts. Let’s dive into the workshop details and explore the Linux Mint Cinnamon and Mate desktop environments.

Linux Mint Cinnamon vs. Mate:

Linux Mint Cinnamon and Linux Mate are known as the desktop environments of the Linux operating system. Both versions are based on Ubuntu. These versions of the Linux operating system are suitable for both beginner and experienced system administrators. The details of this desktop environment are as follows:

Linux Mint Cinnamon:

  • This is the original version of Linux Mint. This is an open source and free of cost version of the X Window System.
  • Linux Mint Cinnamon is the derivation of genome3.. (Genome is a desktop environment for Linux based systems).
  • Nemo File Manager on Linux Mint Cinnamon is very lightweight and performs various tasks related to file management. This file manager is a derivation of “Nautilus” file manager.
  • Linux Mint Cinnamon has greatly improved the file search process. It uses “Nimo” search. Search operation is asynchronous.
  • Terminal Emulator is the Genome Terminal in Linux Mint Cinnamon.
  • Xviewer is the default Image Viewer for Linux Mint Cinnamon. This software is based on the concepts of a Genome.
  • All versions of Linux Mint support Xed text editor.
  • Linux Mint Cinnamon uses the time shift option. This option is very useful. With the help of this option, you can go back in time and use the latest functional system snapshot and restore the computer to its original settings. Due to this feature, computer system maintenance is very easy.
  • The update manager for Linux Mint Cinnamon is based on time shift configurations. The stable system is ensured when there are instructions for applying the various available updates.
  • Linux Cinnamon has a variety of symbolic icons. It gives the best look and feel. Symbolic icons also support the dark theme of Linux Cinnamon.
  • Linux Mint Cinnamon provides users with a balance of functionality and a graphical user interface.


  • This is the desktop environment, which is the derivation of the Genome standard.
  • The file manager for Linux Mint Mate is called ” Caja “. It has many advanced options for file management. It is based on Nautilus File Manager.
  • The default emulator for Linux Mate is called Mate Terminal. You can use this terminal to access the “Unix shell” in a mate environment. It supports the use of multiple terminals in a single window. The Mate terminal supports the management of different configurations at once.
  • The default image viewer for a partner is called an ” Xviewer “. It is a derivative of the Genome.
  • It is an attractive desktop environment that uses the traditional concepts of the Linux operating system.
  • The default text editor for Linux Mint Mate is “Pluma”. Pluma is an application that supports text editing. Pluma uses UTF-8 encoding for edited files.
  • The graphics viewer for Mate is called “Eye of Mate”. “Gdk-pixbuf” is the library that is used for “Eye of Mate”. This graphics viewer’s is based on the Genome and makes efficient use of memory and system resources when viewing graphics and images.
  • The default document viewer for Linux Cinnamon is “Atril”. It displays PDF, PF and EPS files. It searches the for text and supports hypertext navigation.
  • Archive Manager is Engrampa for the Mate. It provides all the functions related to the maintenance of archives. It supports extraction of archived files, viewing the contents of archived files, creating and editing archives.
  • Linux Mate requires limited hardware resources.
  • Linux Mate consists of simple utilities.

Final words

  • Mate is a customizable desktop environment with simple menus and home screen. Mint Cinnamon offers theme administrations, Mate, item splits and design templates are available.
  • Linux Mint Cinnamon requires more hardware resources, while the Mate version requires less hardware resources, which is faster than Cinnamon.
  • For Mint Cinnamon, you can make customizations using Window Manager. For mate, you can customize with different constraints with which you can easily customize.
  • Linux Mint uses Cinnamon “Genome Terminal” and Mate “Mate Terminal”. Mate uses Pluma text editor and Linux Mint Cinnamon uses the ” Xed ” text editor.

By using the Mint Cinnamon version of Linux, you get a modern design that does not require much change in the desktop environment. Mate is a powerful desktop environment where the user is able to subtly change the desktop environment because it is highly customizable.

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