Staying Safe With Emergency LED Lighting

Emergency LED

There is nothing worse than being caught off guard by an electrical fault, a power outage that spans the city or even a complete system shut down and having no lighting to navigate your way around. The air is immediately filled with panic and anxiety when we experience something negative that is out of the norm, and if we can’t see where we’re going to top it all off this is only going to escalate.


We need to be ready for any and every situation imaginable, and even more so if you are a business owner who has the responsibility of a team of employees who look to you for their safekeeping whilst on the property.

The importance of light.

You may enjoy the dark and quietness from time to time, perhaps a candle flickering gently in the breeze and you relax and unwind from a long week work, but if it is the middle of the day, work deadlines and assignments are in full force, a lighting failure is highly unwanted. But it could happen, and this is where a plan in place will help to keep the calm.

Some people cope better than others, specific staff is designated with roles and actions which then spring into action, no matter your role or situation you can take a moment to look after yourself. Read this quick article here to help you better cope with a traumatic or stressful event, and how to manage it effectively to get you to safety.

Sure we can send our teams on training exercises, refresher courses throughout the year, but when reality hits we can never be too sure of how we will process what’s going on and remain calm to be strong for the employees.

If the building needs to be evacuated, and because it is a thunderstorm outside and the sky is covered in thick, black clouds that seem to be offering an endless supply of rain, visibility could be limited. You want clear, visible, and easy-to-follow lit-up signage and lights to guide the staff to the designated safe spot till help arrives.

We have all seen these in buildings, printed on posters around the halls to remind us what to do, but after a while, they become part of the décor and we begin to not notice them. Until we need to. You want to find and install the best emergency LED lighting system you can find, that suits your budget and covers a large area.

Some criteria can help make the decision process easier, and hearing what company owners have had to say regarding what they believe to be most important we have narrowed it down to the most mentioned attributes.

Emergency LED lighting

Top 4 features to consider when choosing emergency LED lighting.

  • There are options for both the home and the office so be sure to buy the range best suited for industrial and office buildings, these often come with added safety features and specific tech to suit particular needs.
  • Cost-effective. As technology advances so have the products and using LED bulbs and lighting which not only stay cool to the touch, they have longevity that might very well outlast your tenancy in the building. This means you significantly reduce the practice of replacing bulbs all the time and saves you money long-term.

The is a long list of the positive effects of installing Led bulbs which we could chat about for hours but it will have to be for another day, in the meantime click here to read and learn more about their uses and how they differentiate from regular bulbs. You can also see what products are available on the market and decide which would suit your needs.

  • Not a feature many think about but choosing bulbs that have a wider lighting area is much better suited to outside areas and large rooms where you need to see as much as possible under the circumstances.
  • Different sizes, colors, and shapes the LED world has something to suit everyone. You may need hallway lighting, box lights with words or arrows to show the way, and what was once considered the standard practice when it came to lighting, LED lights are paving the way for a brighter future.


No amount of money could replace a traumatic experience, worse if something had to happen to one of your staff members, they are your responsibility and under your guidance.

If investing in a modern, LED shining lighting system means the difference between safety and panic then this is something that is easily achieved. Think about how you would want to get to safety if something were to happen and what you’d do if there were no lit up exits or guide lights.

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