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In 2021, people spend lots of time on their digital devices. Since everyone is forced to stay safe at home during the rise of the pandemic, everyone connects to the “outside” world digitally. We are making a wild guess that you are reading this through your mobile phone right now!

It’s now become an extension of our limbs, a way to experience the world if you may – and there is nothing wrong with that! Even if the surge of Coronavirus eases and everyone has been fully vaccinated, you still cannot remove the fact that people are attached to their smartphones.


We’re sorry to tell you, but pranks such as sticky notes at someone’s back or elaborate booby traps are not as funny as they were before.

With this changing time, how can a prankster such as yourself still make epic pranks? Simple, just download hilarious prank apps! We listed down ten free prank apps that you MUST try this 2021! You’ll never know how much you can do with a mobile device, so you must explore its limits through these funny apps. Keep reading to find out!

But before anything, you probably have the knack for fun things! Why not make your meme using this simple step-by-step guide to get you started? Spoiler alert: it’s free! *wink*

1. Ownage Prank Apps

Are you looking for a fun and quick way to send anonymous prank calls to your friends and family? Are you also thinking of a fun prank to fool people, but you are out of ideas? Then you should try this special prank hotline! This prank call app boasts a library of more than 100 pre-recorded prank calls that you can choose from that you can send to anyone anywhere and anytime you like.

You send quick prank calls ranging from an annoying neighbour randomly asking for a Wifi password to an angry girlfriend threatening someone to stay away from her man. You won’t have to worry about these pranks’ quality because they are made from genius prank scripts and are performed by professional voice actors to make the calls more believable!

If you want something more elaborate, you can always send Ownage Pranks a prank request and leave the deed to the pros as you just enjoy the fun unfold at your ear’s reach! Their calls are also untraceable, thanks to their spoof calls. A spoof call works by gathering your data and hiding it all under a fake caller I.D. This way, you won’t need a burner phone anymore to enjoy prank calls!

2. Air Horn Prank

An air horn is a classic prank symbol probably because air horn pranks are never not funny. The key to a good prank is timing and the element of surprise. It’s best to do something funny when people least expect it, and It sure is hilarious to hear something so loudly obnoxious out of nowhere and at completely random times.

Nothing can crack laughter as this like air horn pranks do. Don’t have an airhorn? No problem! You can always download this app on iOS and Android and use it to wake or startle your friends. Don’t worry, it sounds super realistic, and you’ll never regret downloading this!

3. Scare Your Friends

If you’ve been on the internet too long, you’ll probably remember those games where you will spot the difference between two photos, and once you’re focused enough – a horrifying picture will startle you with sounds and all! It’s sort of the same thing minus the spot the difference part.

When your friends borrow your phone for something, you can choose a photo beforehand and set the timer for when it will appear on your screen. Of course, there’s no way of them knowing this, which makes it such a sneaky prank to play with!

4. Exploding Time Bomb

Do NOT play this prank in the airport or any public establishment because you may be in trouble for how cool this app is. What it does is create a fake time bomb. All you need to do is press the button to activate the timer, and it will start its countdown.

Once the countdown finishes, it will let out a realistic-sounding explosion that is just enough to blow people’s minds away! The best way to utilize this prank is to connect your phone to a good-quality speaker enough to cause a slight panic in your house or office.

5. Broken Screen

Having a broken phone is almost as bad as having a broken bone or an injury in your body. Why? Phones have been an instrumental part of our lives right now. When it becomes broken, it becomes just such a hassle. So why not strike a little fun by inducing some shattering noises and a realistic-looking broken screen? This broken screen app works by simply installing the app for free.

It creates a shattering sound and activates a broken screen display when someone picks it up or shakes it gently. You can try pranking a friend by pretending that they broke your screen by letting them put it in their bag for a while while you go to the bathroom. When you come back, act like you are mad that they broke your screen, and they will be completely dumbfounded!

6. Spider Filter Prank

Spiders never fail to trigger anyone’s flight or fight response because of how creepy this crawling thing is! You’ll be impressed by how realistic this app makes virtual spiders be. When pranking a friend, you will need to run this application followed by your camera app.

Turn it to the front-facing camera before handing it to your friend, and voila – a spider! The only catch about this fun yet straightforward app is it’s only available on Android phones. So if you’re on iOS, we suggest you get fake spiders to scare your friends instead.

7. Xray Scanner

With the rush of technological advancements, it’s no surprise if smartphone companies develop a feature where people can have x-rays anytime and anywhere they want when they need them. And that is the main point of this prank. It gives you a fake x-ray scanner to fool your friends.

(Especially children or the elderly!) They will think that technology has reached its peak, and we can now conduct medical tests on our own without going to the hospital. It is an innocent prank but truly hilarious if people believe it.

8. Fake Call

Do you have an event you dread to go to but can’t say no to people who invited you? Although a prank app, this app can also be a life-saver if you are inherently a non-confrontational person. Just install this app on your Android phone, click on a button that activates the call, and display a call as if someone is calling you!

If you don’t have an awkward situation that you need to get out of and just want to use this app for the sole purpose of fun, you can customize the Caller ID and the photo of the person calling you. This means you can pretend someone famous has your number, like Michelle Obama or Aubrey Plaza. This is a fun way to just troll anyone you know or make people think that you are kind of cool!

9. Voice Changer Plus

Not all people are gifted with natural voice acting skills, and that’s okay! There are apps like Voice Changer Plus that will help you with that.

To make this work, you will need a recording of your voice to upload on the app and add some fun modifications. The app has 55 voices you can choose from with added features like haunting sound effects or changing the tone of your voice when you are singing. So quirky! This is perfect if you want to make a recorded prank call but want your voice to be unnoticeable and more interesting.

10. Dude, Your Car

Do you have a friend that just loves their car more than anything? If you are an Android user, then this prank app is just for you! This app is perfect to use when you are out with your friend somewhere. When they are away, pretend to go to the bathroom or to get something from the parking lot. Once you spot their car, open the app and do a quick snapshot of it.

This app allows you to edit realistic-looking dents to a car’s photo instantly. Once you have the most devastatingly picturesque image to your liking, run to your friend and (in your best acting skill possible) pretend to be so worried that they will hurry outside to their beloved car. Only to find out that their beloved ride is perfectly fine. That’s nearly a hundred percent mini heart attack for your victim, guaranteed!

This time has always put importance on enriching information. Information is someone’s power nowadays! So it’s just right that you are trying to get ahead when it comes to your prank education. So hurry and try these fun apps before your friends and potential victims might discover them and you’ll thank us later! Just remember to keep your practical jokes safe and respectful at all times. Good luck to you and happy pranking!

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