What are reload slot bonuses?

slot bonuses

There are two ways a slot bonus can be considered as a reload bonus. The first is that when playing a slot and the bonus is triggered, if the bonus symbols land in view again during the bonus free spins, in most games, this adds yet more spins to the bonus round. In other words, the bonus round is reloaded or retriggered and therefore extended – try online casinos couch potato.

The other bonus reload refers to casino bonuses that offer new customers more than just an initial first deposit booster. These reloaders do not have to exclusively be for new customers only, they can also be offered as a special offer to regular customers as an incentive, to get them depositing regularly once more. 

Why Reload Bonuses Exist

When it comes to new casino customers, it is industry standard practice to offer these new players an incentive to join a casino in the first place. This usually comes in the form of a bonus that can contain free spins, a first deposit 100% bonus boost, no deposit free spins, or a no deposit needed cash lump sum. Sometimes free spins and bonus cash are combined to tempt new customers through the virtual doors. 

The problem is that bonus hunters do exist in the world of slots. These individuals tend to use casino review sites and gambling sites that publish details of all the best current new player casino bonuses, as a way of hunting down the best new player deals. Many bonus hunters take up the deal, try their luck, and then move on to the next one. 

Reload bonuses are used to tempt such individuals back, with the hope that this time they keep coming back for more. However, a reload bonus can also make genuine customers who have just taken up a first welcome bonus, feel even more at home and fully appreciated as customers by the casino brand the uses reload bonuses. 

Reload Slot Bonuses: A Closer Look 

Reload slot bonuses are activated on a second deposit if they are exclusive to new players. Some casinos even honour a third and fourth deposit, but this is rare. A reload bonus is not as generous as a first deposit bonus, but the industry standard is to match a second deposit up to 50% instead of 100%. In some cases, more free spins are also added to the mix, but players can expect fewer spins than before as well. 

Unfortunately, wagering requirements still apply to reload bonuses. However, it is common practice for these to be lowered considering the decrease in the deposit matching boost. This can make meeting these requirements easier to achieve, but players must bear in mind that they have fewer bonus funds this time around as well.

Final Thoughts 

Reload bonuses are an excellent idea and can help tempt individuals back for a second round of gaming at the casino brands that offer them. Reload bonuses are a useful tool to get new and old customers depositing more money on-site and are therefore a small price for a casino to pay if it brings in more customers.

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