DayZ: Tips and Tricks For The New Players

DayZ: Tips and Tricks For The New Players

DayZ is a game known to give a new meaning to survival and staying alive. The players come across quite a lot of challenges and have to manage to stay alive and keep going. The ultimate survival game, DayZ has specific tips and tricks that players can use for as long as they can go. This guide will help you with how to survive in the game.

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

1. Food

Having enough food throughout the game is very important. This is also beneficial for DayZ players as it will affect their overall energy level and prevent them from defeating their enemies.

When looking for food, always carry a sharp object. This will help you find food and animals.

It’s possible that you won’t find food in the houses or even in the streets.

Also, keep in mind that people may reach areas already filled with supplies before you, so you need to be quick to gather your food supplies and careful in utilizing them.

2. Thirst

Thirst is just as important as eating. Thirst, like hunger, fades over time, but it can go much faster if the player has recently been in a fight. Because bleeding out might drain a player’s thirst, it’s always a good idea to have some fluids on hand.

Nota Cola, Spite Lemonade, and other sodas can help quench your thirst. Clean water, on the other hand, is the best thing to drink. As a result, it is strongly advised that new players seek out wells in every town they visit. Wells are crucial in terms of survival since they always give a limitless supply of clean water.

3. Loot

The better the loot grows, the further inland the player goes. Naturally, these interior places are rife with perils of their own. Tougher zombies or wandering bands of experienced gamers are common examples. Going inland is, therefore, a high-risk, high-reward proposition.

As a result, new players are advised to take their time in the beginning area to prepare. If players are serious about getting out of the beginning region as soon as possible, they should at the very least gather a backpack, a knife, a rifle, food, and water before leaving. For more DayZ hacks and cheats, visit

4. Stat Bars

The stat bars are displayed on the upper right hand side of your screen and will assist you in taking cautious moves throughout the game. These stat bars show you how much energy you have remaining as well as any damage you may have taken. In this game, keeping an eye on your stat bar can help you stay alive longer.

If one of your stat bars is low, it means your blood levels are low. Replace the critical component using blood bags and/or saline, and stop the bleeding with bandages or rags if you’re bleeding from any part of your body. You should also be aware that bandages are difficult to come by, but they are more effective, so keep them on hand.

5. Killing Zombies

First, try to stay away from zombies. They’re not difficult to kill if you’re armed, but there’s always the risk of suffering damage or drawing attention to yourself. If you’re not careful, one zombie can create a lot of noise and attract additional zombies, and other players, and things can quickly spiral out of control.

Some zombies have loot on them, so don’t forget to look through the bodies if you kill one. The quick way to do this is accessing your player inventory and check ‘vicinity,’ which will display anything close, including obvious items tucked away in zombie pockets.

6. Zombies

The sound attracts all zombies. If you run past them while still standing, they will hear you and chase you down. If you’re crouch walking or sprinting, zombies won’t listen to you.

Because zombies cannot hear doors being opened or closed, you can enter a building and close the door without alarming any infected nearby. If you can’t battle a zombie, the best way to get away is to go inside and close the door. Zombies are unable to break, damage, or open doors.

Melee weapons are a highly effective way to kill zombies. The Splitting Axe, Firefighter’s Axe, and Pickaxe are the most effective weapons against zombies, killing them in a single hit on rare occasions.

7. Morphine

New players are generally unaware of the benefits of morphine injections and may overlook them if they come across one in a hospital or clinic. They’ll break a leg if they spend too much time looting Chernarus. In this game, a broken leg prevents players from walking, running, or even crouching, trapping them in the prone position.

A wooden splint may be used to mend the shattered limb, but a morphine injection is much easier. Because the item only takes up one space in the inventory, it is considerably more valuable and cost-effective.

Although players could use the morphine injection to treat a broken arm, it is strongly advised that they save it for their legs as survivors with a broken arm can still get out of a conflict, but not with a broken leg.


These are a few essential DayZ tips we think every beginner should know. Gradually implementing these tricks can help you become a professional. So, follow these and get going.

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