Best Mobile Games 2023

Best Mobile Games 2023

What is the best game? Are these games the ones you find in the lobby of Vulkan Vegas philippines? Yes, but then we want to focus on the games you casually play on mobile devices without betting real cash. Today, we will show you the best gaming apps available in 2023! The way we chose these games is based on popularity and entertainment value.

Among Us

Although this game was released sometime in 2018 and finally became viral in 2020, Among Us is still one of the best games you can download today. It is a fun multiplayer game where you need to vote out other players because they are your suspects or “suses” for the murders happening in the spaceship.

The concept is pretty simple:

  • There are crewmates in a spaceship, including you, and each crewmate has a job to do;
  • Two of these crewmates are murderers, and their job is to kill everyone without being seen. These two are called impostors;
  • People must vote out the player they suspect is the impostor at every round.;
  • After several rounds, if the impostors manage to outnumber the real crewmates, the impostors win.

What the game requires its players is a high degree of deduction and analytics. Among Us is free to install on mobile, but it has ads. The thing about Among Us is that it may not be suitable for children because the theme is about killing. Even though it is cartoonish, it is still violent. Among Us has a rating of ESRB 10+, meaning it is not good for children below 10.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is a simple game where you take the role of a chicken, and your goal is to cross the busy road without getting smushed by moving vehicles.

It takes only a tap for the chicken to move forward. As you progress, the cars also become faster. In addition, the screen moves forward until your chicken character leaves the frame. If this happens, your character dies.

Crossy Road, like Flappy Bird and other seemingly innocuous entertainments, is so popular because it is somehow addictive. The main challenge here is to have fast reflexes and insane decision-making skills. It is a matter of speed — the faster the cars move, the quicker you must tap on the character to escape its impending doom.

Like many arcade games, Crossy Road is free to play, but there are ads to allow the app developer to earn money. What makes Crossy Road unique is that despite its simple style, it does have the capacity to frustrate the player because it is supposed to be easy. It is what makes a user to keep playing.

Genshin Impact

If you are looking for an adventure game, then Genshin Impact is one that you must try. It is an action-adventure game where you get to explore a world. It is playable on Android and iOS; you can even play it on PC and PS5.

As an open-world game, there is a lot to be explored. It is a fantasy adventure where you get to do battle with elemental magic. The best thing about Genshin Impact is that it is free to play, but you can also spend money on loot.

The story takes place in a fictional world called Teyvat. This world has seven nations, and each has a god. The player must journey across this world to find your lost sibling. What happens next is an adventure where you unravel the mysteries of the different nations.

Hitman GO

If you are a fan of Agent 47, then you must at least try Hitman GO. Unlike its original predecessors, Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzle game. In this app, you must guide Agent 47 through several levels that have lines and nodes. It is like a board game; the characters are modeled like toy figurines. Once it is your turn, you can dispatch enemies on this board to progress — it feels like chess in a certain way.

You will meet more powerful enemies and complex mazes or boards as you progress. It is this progression in difficulty level that makes it so attractive. At best, we recommend Hitman GO to players looking for a new puzzle game, especially those already familiar with the Hitman franchise.

Choose Your Next Game to Play!

There are over 3.5 million apps on Google, and about half a million are games. It is impossible to tell which of these is the best, mainly because each person has a unique gaming taste. At best, we advise installing these games and trying them yourself!

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