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In the day when Nokia phones ruled, a very classic snail game was played. The excitement and competition over who can create the tallest snake was exciting. With the evolution of phones and the internet, the game has evolved into a more modern title, i.e., which is easily accessible to everyone, be it a smartphone or a PC. Similar to the classic Snake game, the snake in grows even more.

With the ability to play online, hundreds of users can play together and compete with each other, has been a huge success. However, if you’re bored with it and are looking for games similar to, you are in luck. Here are 18 fun games like that you should try in 2020.

Note: All games on this list are free to play, but there may be some purchases in the game. Alternatives



With 100,000,000 downloads, is probably the most popular game on this list. In this game, the user plays as a small dot or ball instead of a snake. The goal is to consume other small dots and other small players to increase the size.

The ball slows as the player grows, but also has the ability to split into smaller masses and expel the mass. Many tricks can be used to conquer small balls and climb on the leader board. has created its own style and you can find many games similar to

Availability: Android, iOS, Web



If Snakes is not really your thing and you are looking for a simple game that can shoot other players, you can check out In this game, you play as a tank on the map similar to and your goal is to shoot the floating objects while staying safe from other tanks on the map. New tank upgrades and capabilities are unlocked by firing objects or other tanks that will help in levelling up your tank. offers many different game modes for all modes including Community, Survival Mode, 2/4 Team Mode, Domination Mode, Tag Mode, A Sandbox Mode and a Maize Mode. So, can you make it to the top of the leader board?

Availability: Android, iOS, Web

#3. is an almost perfect clone of You control a worm and try to eat your opponents while eating scattered objects. Why chooses a clone? The gameplay is very smooth and don’t forget the extra features like speed and mass ejection and the ability to zoom in on the map. Also, the game has a chat section at the bottom right, which makes the game more interactive.

Additionally, the game offers various skins to customize the worm to your liking, which will kill your worm instantly. You may have trouble finding many people online in the web version of the game, but you can have fun with your friends if you want.

Availability: Android, iOS, Web

#4. Tankio 3D


Tankio 3D


Tankio 3D, the 3D version of the original Tankio, is a very playful tank battle scene like In the game you control a tank on a 3D map, the main objective of which is to blow up objects on the map and bring down your opponents. Completing the objectives will help you upgrade your tank with a variety of weapons and other customizations.

The game offers a total of 16 types of tanks. What sets Tonkio 3D apart from the other games on this list is that it plays offline and you are matched up with bots that level up as you do. For those of you who do not want to waste your precious bandwidth on a casual game, this is a great alternative to

Availability: Android, iOS

#5. is a streamlined and probably a better version of It offers great mobile gameplay and a variety of game modes to entertain the player. Like, players play as cell, grow in size and eat opponents.

It has the ability to expel and accelerate mass and split in half to create duplicate particles. On top of that the game offers many updates to further enhance the gameplay.

Availability: Android, iOS, Web

#6. could be a very different game on this list. This is a fast game with minimal design and gameplay mechanics. The game starts with the colour block and aims to go through the empty space and capture more area for your surroundings.

A snake-like line emerged from the block to capture the empty space. But, if the opponent crashes into your block when you are out, you lose. The game may seem simple, but with fast moves, it feels very difficult.

Availability: Android, iOS, Web



This is another great alternative, as the name suggests, control the big snowball as you move. You can use the snowball to make opponents flick off the field to earn points. The game allows you to control a large snowball, divide it into several smaller snowballs and use them over your opponents.

The controls of the game are very easy to understand, but it can be really challenging as you move forward. The game allows you to customize your character, which is an added bonus.

Availability: Android, iOS

#8. Osmos HD


Osmos HD


Osmos HD is another spin-off of what does, but is a little different. Unlike the other games on this list, Osmos HD is single player game, but its gameplay is worth mentioning on this list. Players play as a cell, which consumes motes. The movement is done by moving the material forward, but be careful, more expulsion will reduce the size of your cell to a tiny speck.

It is brittle and easily applied to large particles. The game should be played by combining the speed and size to eat as much as possible and the game with beautiful graphics is nothing but a feast for the eyes.

Availability: iOS



Another spin-off arrow of in which you control a blocky type character with a bow and try to shoot at enemies. Unlike, the map in has walls that you can hide behind to protect yourself from your opponents’ arrows.

As you level up, you gain access to many different abilities that can help you knock down your opponents or protect yourself from their arrows. The controls of the game are very simple and include single player and multiplayer modes to keep you engaged.

Availability: iOS

#10. is another different version of, which is the main obhjective remains unchanged. You play as a blob and need to collect dots on the map to increase the size of your blob. You can consume small blobs to increase in size, but beware of large blogs, as they can consume you as you get closer.

It has over 500 different skins to customize your blob and different game modes including offline single player mode, online multiplayer mode, new Bottle Royal mode and more.

Availability: Android, iOS



If you’re a fan of War Royale games like PUBG or Fortnite, and are looking for a similar but graphically demanding game for your mobile device, you should definitely check out The game gives a taste of battle royale with a top-down perspective and introduces many game modes that you can enjoy.

In addition to the standard solo, Duo and Squad modes, there are Zombie mode, 50v50 mode, Super Power mode and Crystal Clash mode. While this may not seem like something unique, the game even offers the option to customize your character with over 1000 unique customization elements.

Availability: Android, iOS

#12. Orborous




Orborous is another replacement takes a lot of inspiration from the original game and has the same goal. You control the snake, collect dots to get bigger and eliminate your opponents in the process. What sets the game apart from is that it offers around 325 unique columns and various games modes such as Free for all, timed free for all, teams and timed teams, survival, capture the flag, soccer and domination.

Availability: Android

#13. 2 2 2 is another great game similar to than In a game where you control blocks on a large map, the main goal is to capture as much area as possible along the way. You can capture the territory of other players in a similar way, but if they cross your path, you have to start from the beginning.

Availability: Android, iOS, Web

#14. Snake




We cannot have a complete list of games like without including the one that started it all. This version of the game works flash-based online. The GUI is similar to older green Nokia screens, so it definitely feels nostalgic. In the game, you control a snake on a limited map and eat randomly appearing blobs.

The game ends when you eat, when you grow up and when you hit a wall or accidentally eat yourself. The game has three difficulty levels and a leader board. Anyone who needs a dose of nostalgia should watch this game.

Availability: Web

#15. is a physics-based puzzle game developed by Voodo. In this fun-loving game, you play as a black hole that goes on to eat the whole world. Although it is slightly different from in concept, the endless desire to eat what comes your way gives you chills.

Oh, and the fight to show who is the biggest hole in the city feels much in the same lane. So, there’s no reason to not get you hooked for hours!

Availability: Android, iOS

#16. Super Snake


Super Snake


If you’d to choose a game that fits well with, then it’s better to go with Super Snake‌First, it allows you to play like a snake and challenge you to become the longest in the game. The only way to defeat them all is to eat as many snakes as you can.

If your head touches another player, your game ends immediately. The gameplay is similar to It has a leaderboard that ranks players’ performance.

Availability: Android



What I found super cool on is the addictive gameplay that can give a great run. In this game, you play as a little rat in the world of deadly animals and try to get as much food as possible.

If you succeed in climbing the vast food chain, you will get a cake as the most decorated player in the world. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Better warn you that will face stiff competition from other players who are waiting to gobble you up.

Availability: Android, iOS

#18. is the best alternative for those who like the original Snake game and want to play with other players. In the game, you control a worm and your goal is to eat as many food palettes as you can to grow bigger. As you grow larger, your worms will be less threatened by online competitors.

You have the opportunity to upgrade your worm and compete with other players for rank. If you do not want to spend money on upgrades, you can always play it for fun

Availability: Android, iOS, Web


What are generally the IO games called?

The primary IO game that was delivered was by a Brazilian designer named Matheus Valadares. The game hit the fame diagram immediately. When this achievement was trailed by the accomplishment of, another type of IO games was conceived where players rival other gamers around the planet in a simple allowed to-play climate.

What are codes?

All IO games like are allowed to play. The engineer brings in cash by selling skins and other corrective upgrades. The codes assist you with getting these skins free of charge. A straightforward Google search will help you find new codes. You must be really brisk as the codes are gone when somebody discharges them.

Is safe to play?

Indeed, is protected to play. You can play it in your program and don’t need to make a record. You enter a name and begin playing.

What is the most elevated score ever on

It’s elusive the world’s most noteworthy score on as there’s no authority registry. As should be obvious, numerous players have scored more than 200,000. There was a notice of a player scoring over 300,000; however, the connected YouTube video was not working, so I can’t be certain.

Look at These Games Like

If you are playing for quite a while and need to switch things up, at that point, the previously mentioned games, which are fundamentally the same as, will keep you involved for quite a while. On the off chance that you think we’ve passed up a great opportunity for one of your #1 games, don’t hesitate to refer to it in the remarks beneath.

Well that was a pretty exhaustive list considering the number of alternatives available for Tell us in the comments below which one is your favourite.

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