Top 6 Tempting and Beautiful Food Photography Tips for Instagram

Food photography

One of the best subjects for still photography is food and you can achieve marvelous
aesthetic contents with food photography. Food photography is simple content. You just
need to take a photo of food and upload it online. No matter if you have your restaurant or
bakery business, uploading food photos on Instagram will help you to grow your business.
When people go through your food photography, not only they will know the recipes but
the experience also.

Food photography trends aren’t new and it was introduced a couple of years ago.
Remember that each account on Instagram has a different style and feel. Some people
upload pictures of homemade recipes whereas others upload pictures of restaurant food.
Despite the subject, there are some important things you should remember to make your
food photography more appealing to the audiences on Instagram.

In this article, we will discuss the top 6 tips that will help you to capture beautiful food

Capture your Photos in Natural Light

Light is the most important aspect to capture beautiful still photos. Always capture images
of your food under natural lights instead of creating artificial lights.

Do you know why we are suggesting you avoid artificial light? It’s because most of the time
it will create a photograph with casted yellow color or ugly orange that will ruin the
appearance. As color is very important for food photography, you don’t want to ruin them
by using artificial light. Food images captured in natural and perfect light will help you to
gain followers on Instagram.

Diffused, soft, and natural daylight is the best kind of light you should consider for your
food photography. If the weather is warm, you can also shoot the subjects outdoor.

However, if you’re focusing on indoor food photography, make sure your room has enough
natural light.

Use Natural Backgrounds

The background is very important for food photography. While capturing food
photographs, make sure the background is neutral. This will help you to put maximum
emphasis on the food. On the other hand, if the background is too colorful or messy, the
viewers will face difficulty paying attention to the food.

Just because you need to use neutral background doesn’t mean that it has to be plain. You
can use a relevant background that complements the food. You can also try this strategy on TikTok. Many opt to buy TikTok likes along with leveraging the right background to enhance their content’s reach effortlessly.

Remember that there are three types of backgrounds- dark backgrounds, light
backgrounds, and wooden backgrounds. If you’re not getting likes even after uploading
food photographs with extraordinary backgrounds, buy likes on Instagram to solve that
The light background is perfect for light-colored food whereas, the dark background is
perfect for dark foods. Wooden backgrounds can look good with any kind of food.

Focus on the Color

This is one of the most important criteria that you need to fulfill for your food photography.
Colors not only have a massive impact on your images but they can change the feel.
Always use contrasting colors for your composition. This will create a dynamic, vibrant,
and exciting image that improves the emotion of the viewer.
Additionally, try to set the contrast between green and red as these works best in food
photography. You can also create color contrast. Whatever you do, don’t forget to
experiment with the colors.

Always Neatly Arrange Your Foods

Your food arrangement is important as it will have a huge impact on the final image.
Although you know that composition is the key to create the best food photographs,
positioning each food meticulously is also an important factor.

If you capture photos or unarranged or messy foods, it will generate a negative impression
of your business on Instagram. This is the main reason why most people fail to promote
their food photography on Instagram.

After arranging the plates as well as foods, make sure there are no spilled foods coming in
the frame. If you notice any spillages, clean them up and make your subject free from any
unnecessary distractions.

Decorate the Scene

Just as the background and the arrangement, decorating the scene is also vital for food
photography. A well-decocted table will attract more users on Instagram which will help
you to promote your page.

The best way to decorate is by adding some dry ingredients that you used while making the
food. This will create a visual recipe within the photograph.

Spices indeed look good on photos, but if you add a spoon or cup, it will enhance the beauty
of the image. You can also include some other great decorations such as chocolate pieces,
berries, fruit pieces, and fresh herbs.

Additionally, make sure the color of your decorations is relevant to the subject of the

Create a Story

Food photography is all about telling stories on Instagram. When you add more
appropriate elements to your food photography, you’ll be able to create interesting stories
that will attract more followers.

Think about how many objects you can include that can tell a good story throughout your
feed. However, avoid adding too many elements or the appearance will be ruined.

For instance, you can include a storybook with a cup of tea to tell an aesthetic story to your
views. Additionally, you can also use some cooking books that indicate you were
improvising the recipes.


These are the 6 tips you need to remember while capturing food photography for your
Instagram. Remember that Instagram is a visual platform, so make sure the quality of your
image is high. Besides, users on Instagram follow a profile once they feel attached to
content. Uploading high-quality food photographs will not only promote your business but
also help you to grow your Instagram profile.

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