4 Great Historical Romance Novels with a Touch of Seduction

Historical Romance Novels
Historical Romance Novels

Historical Romance Novels with a Touch of Seduction: Romance has always been both underrated and overrated for reasons unknown. And it is this mystical aspect of romance that makes it appealing to one and all. But no matter how much you may deny, romance always finds you.

This blog is for those who have accepted their inner craving for romance. If you love romance and share a taste for seduction, then you are in for a real libidinal rush. We have here for you 4 of the best historical romance novels. They are easily available at many popular websites for books and book promotion, like Pillow Talk Books and will serve to be the perfect pass time for someone who loves “late-night” reads.

Here are 5 of the best historical romance novels with a touch of seduction:

Historical Romance Novels
Historical Romance Novels
  1. The Marquis’ Game of Seduction- Henrietta Harding 

Rose Hollingsworth, who is an orphan and is raised in some part of dirtier London, nowfinds herself as the governess in the secretiveKensington Estate, of the arrogant Marquis of Kensington, Colin. Colinhas a very kind heart, but finds it tough to show his softself. However, when his nephew hires Rose to take care of Colin’s ill sister, he will make her understand he will not be tamed no matter how much she tries to reform him.

When pleasure overwhelms them both and Rose ends up being more than he intended, she slowly starts peeling back the layers of the Kensington Estate, discovering the truth about the mansion’s ghost rumors. In a game of power of truth, can Colin maintain his defenses while wanting her lady to win? This one is certainly one of the best historical fiction books made for you.

  1. To Seduce a Rogue- Tracy Sumner

From one of the best historical romance authors, comes this enthralling story set in South Carolina in the 1850s. It shows how ambitious Charlotte Whitney wants to resurrect the newspaper of her late father, and be the editor. However, that positionis held by Richmond newspaperman Adam Chase. Charlotte, undeterred, convinces Adam to teach her the trade of journalism. And in turn, she teaches him how to open up his heart. Both of them what’s best for the company but Adam faces a tempting obstacle in Charlotte to which he eventually gives in. Together, they realize how the press does not hold a candle to love.

  1. An Artful Seduction- Tina Gabrielle 

The year is 1815, location is London. Eliza Somerton, being the daughter of an infamous art forger, has rebuilt her life under a new name. On the other hand, Montgomery, who is theEarl of Huntingdon, has been trying to seek justice by trying to get hold of this same art forger. Grayson’s well-laid plans find fruitionwhen hefinds out about his enemy’s beautiful daughter and he outbids her during an old forgery up for auction.

He presents her with a choice which she could never imagine: help him find her father or be ruined.But his resolve seems to get weakened by Eliza’s sensual and independent spirit.As the heat between them sizzles, what began as revenge soon turns into something sinful.

  1. Seducing Charlotte- Diana Quincy

Even if the very handsome Marquess, of Camryn, is the man of every woman wants, Charlotte Livingston has a very low opinion of him. An industrialist who is not bothered about replacing workers with machines, Camryn is everything a social reformer like Charlotte detests. Moreover, she loves someone else.

Then, as a violent rebellion by machine-breakers rages across England, the passionate foes find themselves undeniably attracted to each other. Camryn takes the oath to put an end to the rebellion, unaware that the woman, who has captured his heart, knows a secret – a shocking connection to one of leaders of the rebellion that could shatter both of them.

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