What A.M.A.Z.O.N. Stands For

What Amazon Stands For

A long time ago, when there was no Amazon, a man whose name was Jeff Bezos created an online bookstore. His main wish was to have a big store where people around the world could buy their desired books, enjoy the literature and come back every time they finished one. The bookstore was called Cadabra which was supposed to look and sound like magic, as it was with abracadabra. However, everything changed!

What Amazon Stands For

Something Obviously Went Wrong

One day, Bezos realized that people usually confuse its name with cadaver, a dead human body that is used by medical students. Yeah, definitely not something a business owner wants to hear!

Or Maybe Right?

And that’s how, our friends, Amazon was created! Jeff Bezos, the owner of this eCommerce giant, justified the change in the name by saying that “this is not only the largest river in the world, it’s many times larger than the next biggest river. It blows all other rivers away.” And let’s be honest, Amazon is definitely the biggest eCommerce platform of the world which holds all the eCommerce aces, and scares other marketplaces away!

What We Think Amazon Is…

Yes, the name itself comes after the river in South America. But if we look closer and break down the name to letters, we can find amazing things that are relatable to the platform!


A stands for authenticity. The platform would be nothing without authentic and original products that are obviously sourced from reliable and trustworthy companies. The platform itself considers the trade of genuine products as a rite that you, as a seller, should stick to! The platform itself says that you should “verify the authenticity of the products you source.” You should “take time to check the products you source before you sell them to ensure that the product and all associated parts work as expected and are free of any damage.”


M stands for the manipulation-free atmosphere that exists on the platform. Amazon hates it when sellers try to fake their reviews, manipulate their sales rank, accept fake orders, make claims about sales rank in product titles or descriptions and so forth. What Amazon wants to establish is the honesty and legitimacy of sellers. Without that, no customer would ever trust Amazon and Amazon knows that better than anyone else!


A stands for algorithm-based verifying system. Everything on this platform is verified using the A9 system which helps Amazon catch the rogue sellers red-handed! For now, Amazon puts no effort in inspecting sellers, understanding what they did wrong, and suspending them. Everything is handled by this special algorithm that identifies the mistake, marks it red and suspends the account!

And yes, Amazon deactivates accounts of its sellers when they do something wrong. So, if you’re an Amazon seller with an Amazon account suspended because of a single mistake, just know that this was the algorithm…most probably!


Z stands for zeal that sellers should have while selling on Amazon. This platform is the most customer-oriented marketplace nowadays, and you know what’s interesting?  Sellers should forget about their worries and everyday problems, put on a happy face and sell on Amazon just like nothing happened! Yes, Amazon buyers should be the apple of your eye, the centre of your attention and the goal you are striving to achieve. Everything is associated with customers here, and if you feel that you’re not ready for the (probably fake) politeness, don’t start the process!


O stands for optimized. On this very platform, your store and your account should be perfectly optimized. If you do everything properly, hit the books and only then do your optimization homework, you will have numerous customers, positive reviews and success. Remember, earning a fortune on Amazon is possible only if you know the basics to optimization!


N stands for network, network of sellers! Here, on this very platform, sellers communicate with each other, share their problems and the issues they are facing every single day. Amazon values the communication and transmission of information among sellers, because you know… Amazon suspension exists! If you want to know more about this, just go to the seller forum and read the comments and opinions other sellers wrote, it’s quite informative and instructive.

As you can see, Amazon is not just the river! It’s more than that! If you want to be a seller on Amazon, you have to be able to follow the Amazon policies, respect the regulations, provide the best customer service and make the best out of your selling career.

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