Top 10 Things To Know About Leading SAFe® 4.5

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In the current scenario, the Agile system is actively strengthening its position in software development ventures over the world. The State of Agile survey, provides that 88% of the companies have adopted the Agile methodology, only 38% are implementing Agile practices for more than 75% of their projects. This makes the need for Leading SAFe Agilist Certification / Leading SAFe Agilist Training, really crucial in the world of competition. Each and every member of the organisation has to acquaint oneself with the methodologies and strategies to make greater efficiency and productivity. In this article,we intend to bring your attention about the top 10 things one should know about Leading SAFe® 4.5,so that they can adopt the same in an earlier stage and get the benefits.

Top 10 Things to Know About Leading SAFe® 4.5         

Leading SAFe® 4.5 version, which is also known as SAFe® for Lean Enterprises, is gaining importance. This offers a better way of raising an alignment and execution over the entire organization.

Following are the benefits of upgrading to SAFe® 4.5.

  1. SAFe® 4.5 is more lean and agile, more configurable and cultivates speedier innovation and learning. It helps the organizations to get better and quicker business outcomes.
  2. SAFe® 4.5 is designed in such a way as to support all types of development environment. It supports the simplest as well as the toughest development environment. It has with four new configurations-
  3. Essential SAFe® – This starts just after realizing the benefits.
  4. Portfolio SAFe®- This includes portfolio level, strategy and investment funding, guidance on Agile programs, and Lean governance as a scenario.
  5. Large Solution SAFe® – This is significant for structuring large systems that involve Agile Release Trains and Suppliers
  6. Full SAFe® – This is designed for the largest firms those are seeking the benefits of the Lean-Agile enterprise.
  7. SAFe® 4.5 is better designed to meet the organizational needs. It allows companies to perform the following very easily:
  8. Use the Lean Startup Cycle and Lean User
  9. Experience (Lean UX) to test ideas faster.
  10. Using Scalable DevOps and Continuous Delivery
  11. Pipeline, organizations can deliver more quickly.
  12. SAFe® 4.5 has offered a guide, which is called ‘SAFe® Implementation Roadmap’. This guide consists of 12 series articles. This helps to implement the achieve long-term goals, which is based on the change management techniques for obtaining success early in the project.
  13. The SAFe® 4.5 is completely backward compatible, and this perhaps is the feature that makes it stand out of the lot. In order to avail it,you are required to adopt advanced principles of SAFe® 4.5, reserving the old practices to its original position.
  14. SAFe® 4.5 has brought with itself the modern innovations of Lean Startup and Lean UX. Such an efficient combination helps the organizations in initiating investments to form Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Not only that, but also, feedback is carried out from the customers. This helps to make valuable decisions quickly.
  15. SAFe® 4.5 has been designed by combining the Lean ‘hypothesis-build-measure-learn’ and Scalable DevOps & Continuous Delivery. This is an amazing combination which brings out better solutions to the issues. By opting for the SAFe® 4.5, one can easily expand the scope of solution for the organization at large.
  16. SAFe® 4.5 expands the speed of product delivery, from initial phase to delivery. Not only that, but also from customer feedback to required improvements. It provides, in addition, a build-measure-learn feedback cycle.
  17. SAFe® 4.5 is presently highly upgraded. It has various features including the feature of quickest delivery using Scalable DevOps and Continuous Delivery Pipeline.
  18. SAFe® 4.5 focuses more on the simplicity. When the SAFe is executed in any organisation, it permits working with unnecessary workflows and approval procedures that create bottlenecks.


Organizations, these days, are looking for a specific path to gain faster results in fewer efforts. The previous version of SAFe® 4.0 could not meet this challenge. In order to tackle this challenge, Scaled Agile Inc. has brought out SAFe® 4.5. This is perhaps the most advanced version of SAFe® 4.0. This is the result of contemplation of about 1.5 years. The SAFe® 4.5 is leaner, more Agile, and easily comprehensible and better at getting faster results as compared to its predecessors.

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