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mobile app ideas

The success of any business largely depends on a unique idea. Any idea that gives users a solution to their needs and saves them time and money has a good chance to succeed. However, with the total number of mobile apps in the leading app stores now exceeding five million, coming up with the fresh mobile app, ideas are becoming increasingly hard in the competitive field.

In an era where app development permeates almost every aspect of our lives, we can’t ignore mobile apps to establish a business. But generating a great mobile app idea can be extremely daunting. There is always a degree of uncertainty and fear among developers who are working on a unique idea. 

The fear of spending thousands of dollars and hours on creating something that no one will enjoy. The fear of losing your resources on an idea that might not bring any tangible results. Yet, innovative travel app development ideas can be straightforward to come by.

Great mobile app ideas generation is a step-by-step process that any of us can follow to solve any problem. You begin by analyzing your own resources and studying your competition. Then you expand your vision to analyze your industry for similar solutions, followed by exploring niches that are totally unrelated to your own. This will help you develop mobile app ideas that will bring value to users and businesses alike.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer, you can follow this method to create an innovative mobile app. If you are someone looking for unique app ideas, here are a few that you should work on to create your masterpiece.

  1. Augmented Reality Applications:

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience of the real physical world achieved through technology. AR is a growing trend among business app developers and companies who want to enhance their physical world with digital content.

Statista indicates that the global market size for AR is predicted to grow drastically in the coming years; It is estimated to reach around $198 billion by 2025. There are mobile apps that are already using augmented reality to enhance the user experience. 

Furniture companies like Ikea use AR to give users an understanding of how their products will look in a room before they purchase them. Similarly, cosmetics giant L’Oréal uses AR in their ‘Style My Hair’ app to augment the makeup shopping experience.

AR and VR can help users with general aesthetics before they buy a product. App developers and businesses need to brainstorm new ways and come up with ideas to leverage augmented reality in mobile apps.

  1. Chatbots:

Chatbots are mobile apps and software that automate conversations with users over the internet. It uses artificial intelligence to mimic human behaviour, usually powered by Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). 

One reason why chatbot technology is gaining popularity is that bots can answer almost any question you throw at them. It reduces the operational costs by almost 30 per cent and quickens the response time. 

Companies like Starbucks leverage bot technology to make it easy for customers to order their drinks or snacks. It even tells the users how much they have to pay for the order. Experts predict that 85 per cent of customer interactions will be managed without human intervention by 2021.

  1. Digital wallet app:

Cashless transactions have significantly increased with the growth in smartphone and internet penetration. Many users are migrating to digital wallet payments for cash payments, even in developing countries. 

Among the various cashless transaction options, digital wallets have particularly witnessed rapid growth because of their benefits for both the merchants and the users. It eliminates the banking transaction costs and substantially reduces the transaction fees for the customers.

By 2021, Fintech News has predicted that the mobile wallet payment option will exceed 1.3 billion consumers worldwide. Most smartphones, including Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, already have an e-wallet within their operating system. In the coming years, we will see an increasing demand for mobile wallet apps to facilitate e-commerce, fund transfers, and seamless customer onboarding.

  1. Online Consultation App:

Considering the massive disruptions and paranoia caused by the global pandemic, it is not surprising that online consultation is becoming a growing trend. Users are looking for medical apps and healthcare solutions without leaving their homes.

An online consultation app is a solution that fulfils the customers’ needs by bringing healthcare providers within their arm’s reach. It is high time for developers to further enrich remote consultation with mobile apps and software.

  1. Online Education App:

Learning away from classrooms has become a norm in the wake of the pandemic. The focus has been shifted to online education apps and eLearning solutions where students can learn at their desired pace and understand the subject. 

Many developers have also come up with solutions that entertain students while improving their learning. However, there are still significant issues that hinder eLearning. But since education has always been a top priority, developers need to work more on mobile apps to deliver an ideal environment and seamless experiences like airG Scam free apps for virtual schooling and learning.

  1. On-demand services app:

The on-demand mobile app is a solution that enables customers to access a service at their desired time and location. It is a trending model in the mobile app world, generating more than $57 billion in revenue every year as per the Harv Business Review. The idea is currently being used in the transportation, entertainment, logistic industries with apps like Uber, Netflix, and Airbnb. The introduction of on-demand solutions has been successful in various industries and will likely attract more investments in the coming years.

Final thoughts:

Generating a good mobile app idea is the first step before starting a mobile app project. We hope that this blog post provided you with ideas that will be highly in demand in the coming years. If you have got a mobile app idea that you think should make it to this list, share it with us in the comments.

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