What’s The Difference Between Traditional PR and Digital PR?

What’s The Difference Between Traditional PR and Digital PR?

Public relations in the simplest form has drastically evolved from the last many years and paving a way for the SEOs & creative PR experts for merging; establishing the latest marketing strategy called digital PR. But, it is very important to know what is digital PR. In simple terms, Digital PR is the most effective way of increasing your brand visibility as well as drive higher-quality traffic to the website and landing webpage. However just what’s digital PR & how is it different from the traditional PR methods? Here is a brief overview of the differences that you need to know.

Difference Between the Traditional PR and Digital PR ?

Once you break this down, an end goal is quite similar – to build brand awareness, involve with your relevant audiences as well as demonstrate expertise. However, it is the way the goal gets delivered is different. To know to understand more about digital PR and what is digital PR, let us check out the difference between both traditional PR and online PR in detail.

Traditional PR is generally used for describing strategies that get coverage in print, which includes industry-specific magazines and newspapers, and traditional broadcasting channels like radio and TV. But, digital PR includes internet marketing strategies to increase the brand’s presence & visibility.

Some examples of the digital PR include:

    • Prioritizing media you pitch by the authority of the websites & how often it links to the third parties
    • Creating the PR stories mainly for the purpose to gain quality backlinks
    • Increasing the website’s domain authority or authority of the specific content pages that you wish to rank very high
    • Getting authoritative backlinks to the business from the quality publication online
    • Achieving a high Google ranking for your landing web pages


  • Enjoying the positive customer involvement on the social media platform
  • Supporting content for ranking higher for the keywords by building links to the specific web pages

Both traditional PR and digital PR cover brand awareness, crisis, advocacy, and reputation management, but where traditional PR and digital PRs approach all the given aspects may likely differ. Digital PR in the truest sense, is one evolved type of PR, by using the tried-and-true strategies that are tailored to the digital world.

The digital PRs do not just bring the best grounding in the traditional PR disciplines, however, they bring huge digital expertise. They do not just have to understand how the client’s targeted customer is using the online platforms, however, they require the best understanding as to nuances of all and how to use the benefit of the client. But, digital PRs have to know Google’s guidelines and work efficiently with SEO specialists, social media experts, and content marketers.

Examples of the traditional PR include:

  • The sponsored blog post over the quality website with plenty of traffic
  • Sending review sample of the new product to influential journalists and bloggers
  • Prioritizing the publications that you pitch by readership
  • The PR stories mainly focus on positioning the product and brand in a specific way, which is right for your business
  • Distributing press release announcing a launch of your new product
  • Profile of the business published in the leading magazine

Which is the right approach?

Selecting the PR approach will be tough and boils down to what the business wants. Suppose you want to increase the brand awareness in the industry or get among your potential customers, you will have to choose Traditional PR way. If you are looking to improve visibility with widespread media attention, then consider Digital PR.

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