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Polish passport – why should you have it – 8 advantages

Polish passport

Having a passport is not only a matter of a document that allows us to travel around the world, but also a sign of national identity and many other benefits. Therefore, if we have confirmed Polish citizenship, we can also apply for a Polish passport without any obstacles, which is very valuable and opens the way to many opportunities.  We should apply for a Polish passport at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland or the Embassy of the Republic of Poland. But why is this document so valuable? We will look at this below and present 8 advantages that make it an attractive document for its owners.

What documents do we need to apply for a Polish passport?

First of all, to apply for a Polish passport, we need to be Polish citizens. In this case, it will be necessary to provide the following documents:

  • Birth certificate,
  • A valid identity card or passport,
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable),
  • Passport photography,
  • PESEL application and Polish passport completed in Polish.

Where should I apply for a Polish passport?

As we mentioned at the very beginning, even if you live abroad and apply for a Polish passport, you need to apply at the nearest Consulate General of the Republic of Poland or Embassy with a consular department. We should also think about where we are going to submit this application, as the passport should then be collected in the same place. It is true that some Polish consulates offer to send the issued passport by courier, but this is not the rule and you should confirm such arrangements directly with them when submitting the application. If you have other doubts about the correct application, it is worth taking a look at, where you will find all the necessary information which may be helpful.

Why is it worth having a Polish passport? 8 advantages

Freedom to travel in Europe

As a member of the European Union, Poland provides its citizens with the freedom to travel and live in EU Member States. With a Polish passport, we can therefore travel visa-free to many European countries, which gives us extraordinary mobility and the opportunity to enjoy the various attractions and opportunities offered by the European Union.

Security and consular protection

Poland has an extensive network of consular posts around the world that offer support and protection to Polish citizens abroad. In the event of crises, legal or medical problems, Polish passport owners can count on assistance from Polish consulates and embassies.

Easy access to the labour market in the European Union

Ownership of a Polish passport also gives us access to one of the largest labour markets in the world – the European Union labour market. Working abroad can be an attractive option for many people seeking new professional opportunities and career development. The Polish passport therefore allows us to benefit from the free movement of workers within the European Union.

Education and studies abroad

A Polish passport is first and foremost an open door to education and study abroad. Many students choose to study at renowned foreign universities, and having a Polish passport makes the entire application process and obtaining student visas easier. Studying abroad is not only an opportunity to gain valuable academic experience, but also to learn about other cultures and make international friends.

Access to healthcare

Having a Polish passport gives us access to the public health service in Poland. If necessary, as Polish citizens, we can receive medical care in the country. We are also entitled to reimbursement of medical expenses under health insurance.

Political and diplomatic support

Poland, as a sovereign state, acts to protect its citizens abroad. Owners of a Polish passport can therefore count on the full support of the Polish government in the event of political conflicts, human rights violations or emergencies abroad.

Cultural and linguistic heritage

Having a Polish passport is also an opportunity to discover and appreciate Poland’s rich cultural and linguistic heritage. The Polish language opens the door to Polish literature, art and culture, which has its roots in centuries of history and tradition.

A sense of belonging and national pride

Last but not least, the most important advantage of having a Polish passport is the sense of belonging and national pride. The passport becomes a symbol of our identity, history and values. It gives us the feeling that we are part of something bigger and can represent Poland internationally.

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