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How to Make Your Home Child Friendly and Child Proof

Make Your Home Child Friendly and Child Proof

Everyone who has children at home probably understands the importance of creating a child-friendly environment in the home. Whether you’re bringing home a newborn, you have toddlers, or just a hyperactive child, you will always want to ensure that your home prioritises the safety of your child. If you’re looking to make your home child proof and child friendly, here at We Buy Any Home have compiled our top tips to ensure your child can live in your home safely and happily.

Make Your Home Child Friendly and Child Proof

Rounded Furniture:

To avoid your child hurting themselves on furniture, it’s worthwhile to think about investing in furniture that has soft, rounded edges. It’s a good idea to stay clear of furniture that has sharp edges, or bits that stick out that could be a hazard to children. If you already have sharp-edged furniture in your home, consider putting on edge protectors to reduce the potential of accidents occurring in the home.

Practical Big Purchases:

If you’re living in your dream home, it can be hard to cut back on your dream furniture and think practically about what is best for your child. Before purchasing any expensive or large pieces of furniture, ask yourself a few important questions. Is this going to get destroyed? Is it durable? Can it be easily cleaned? If the answer to these questions is no- perhaps it’s time to reconsider your furniture choices.

Anti-Tip Furniture:

It’s common for babies and young children to pull and push furniture. This can be extremely dangerous for young children, as it runs the risk of the furniture toppling over if it is not anchored properly. Thankfully, there are plenty of anti-tip kits, such as TV straps and child proof screws to ensure your child doesn’t end up injured.


The likelihood of your child spilling something on the floor is extremely high. Children are bound to spill things, so if your cream carpets aren’t a concern, they should be. Being a parent or guardian of any child is already stressful enough, so why not make your life even easier and use hardwood and vinyl for your home’s flooring- to ensure hassle-free cleanups. If your child wants a comfortable area to play, put down a soft rug you don’t mind getting damaged. It’s important to put nonslip pads under all rugs to ensure your child does not slip and end up injuring themselves.

Storage Space:

If you have children, then you’ll always need more storage space. To ensure that their belongings can be stored away safely, ensure that the boxes are out of reach, and cannot be tipped over to cause them injury. Things that aren’t a danger to your child, such as soft toys and small books, can be kept at their reach level, but for heavier and more dangerous items- ensure they are higher up and have security locks.

Give Them Their Own Space:

Creating a space for your child that they can call their own and is also safe is a great idea. Enable them to have an area where they can paint or draw on the walls, play with Lego, take naps and just be children will encourage them to play in their designated area rather than throughout the entirety of the house. Incorporate their favourite themes in the room, and all their drawings that they have created.

Other Safety Tips:

Some child proofing tips and tricks to bear in mind are:

  • It’s imperative to install a carbon monoxide detector on every floor of your home, or if you have an attached garage. Check the batteries work too.
  • Install smoke detectors throughout the house, in the hallways and outside of bedrooms.
  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher somewhere in the house- and learn how to use it.
  • It’s vital to have a first aid kit at hand in your home.
  • Get rid of any looped blinds or cords or install safety tassels.
  • Check the house for poisonous plants and move them out of reach.

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