How To Get Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo ($ZOO coin) on PancakeSwap


The most straightforward way is by getting some BNB (Binance Coin) and afterwards utilizing those to purchase CryptoZoo on PancakeSwap

Sounds like Chinese? Relax, here you’ll discover everything clarified bit by bit on how you can purchase Logan Pauls’ new CryptoZoo coin, directly on schedule for the dispatch on September 1. 

Public service announcement: this entire aide is on HOW to purchase CryptoZoo, not that you should buy CryptoZoo. This isn’t monetary exhortation. 

Update: Logan shared more data on how the NFT eggs will function. Peruse more beneath the aide where I clarify what CryptoZoo is, the number of CryptoZoo NFT eggs and when CryptoZoo will dispatch! 

1. Purchase BNB (Binance Coin) 

The most effortless approach to do this is on Binance, yet go ahead and get it on another trade, assuming you need it. So head toward and make a record if you haven’t effectively got one. It’s conceivable that you should go through a confirmation stage where you need to download the application. This can be somewhat monotonous. When you’re signed in, go to Buy Crypto and pick how you need to pay.


Whatever alternative you pick, ensure that whatever money you PAY with, you need to RECEIVE BNB.


You can contribute as close to nothing or however much you need.

If you’re hoping to purchase a CryptoZoo egg on September 1, they will begin at around $300, which he referenced in this video. In case you’re considering what eggs are, I’ll clarify underneath this aide. In any case, realize that you can contribute any measure of $ZOO that you need. The current cost at the hour of composing is $0.0003156. So, in any event, purchasing $1 worth will give you 3179 CryptoZoo. You can generally check CoinMarketCap for the most state-of-the-art cost.

Additionally, there will be a few charges while moving your BNB from one Wallet to another. There are two expenses:

1) To get the BNB from Binance to your Metamask wallet. This will be around 0.0005, which is near $0.22.

2) To trade the BNB to ZOO on This will be around 0.025% of the sum you need to change. Assuming you need to swap 1 BNB, the charge is 0.0025 BNB ($1.2), yet I believe there’s a base expense of around 0.000825BNB, yet I don’t know. When I had a go at purchasing 1 CryptoZoo, it showed me a gas expense of 0.000825BNB. In any case, gas costs vary and can unexpectedly be more than you anticipated. To track down an online number cruncher to figure the proper gas expenses, so you don’t wind up with less CryptoZoo than you needed.

Thus, congratulations on your acquisition of BNB. When you go to Wallet> Fiat and Spot, you should see some BNB there.


I, at present, have no BNB except for you. There should now be a few!

2. Make a MetaMask Wallet

OK, the following stage is to get these BNB to a wallet to pay with it. For this, we need a wallet first.

We will utilize MetaMask, yet if you have another wallet you like, go ahead and utilize that one.

The most effortless is to get it for your program. They support the most outstanding programs: Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge.

It doesn’t make any difference wherein program you are; this ought to be the welcome screen:



How about we set it up, pick assuming you need to assist them with further developing Metamask (it doesn’t make any difference which one you choose), and a short time later, pick a safe secret phrase.


After you’ve affirmed your secret phrase and made your Wallet, you will find out about your recuperation stage. This is fundamentally a definitive expert key of your Wallet. Never under any circumstance share this with anybody, and ensure you duplicate it someplace secure.

So you can duplicate the 12 words and glue them in a secret key director or elsewhere that is viewed as a record. Just no doubt, try to download the Secret Backup record as a .txt, too, if you delete the duplicated expression on your clipboard. Once more, these words are the expert key of your Wallet; they are significant.


Then, you need to affirm the expression at that point, so MetaMask is confident you have it effectively. You can generally return to redownload the record or investigate your words. You can likewise haul to reposition the terms!


Great, presently, you have your first Crypto wallet!


Even though it says 0 ETH and that we’re associated with the Ethereum network in the upper right, this is the thing that we need. In the following stage, we will interface with the BNB organization!

3. Associating with the BNB Smart Chain Network

Go to

Snap “connect Wallet”


How about we interface with a MetaMask account.


Your MetaMask Wallet should open and show this:



Snap “Next”


Snap “Associate”

Presently it will quickly inquire as to whether it’s OK that PancakeSwap adds an organization. What’s more, look, it’s the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet it needs to count. Indeed, we require that!


Snap “Approve”


Indeed, how about we quickly change to the BNB organization. Snap “Switch Network”.

That ought to be it! You are presently associated with the BNB Smart Chain organization! Ensure it’s right by opening MetaMask and see that you’re

1) Connected to the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

2) The BNB logo is apparent


Up next: moving our BNB from Binance to our MetaMask Wallet

4. Transfer the BNB to MetaMask

Please return to your Binance account, to your Wallet there where we recently saw the rundown of the multitude of coins.

Discover BNB in the rundown, and snap “Withdraw”


We need to enter a location, an organization and a sum.

For the location, we need to enter our MetaMask Wallet Address. To discover it, click the MetaMask symbol in your location bar. It very well may be covered up; however, to show it click the “puzzle symbol” to show all your introduced augmentations (this can be diverse in Firefox and Edge)


There it is!


Snap-on “Record 1”, yet it can have an alternate name for you. Once more, ensure you are associated with the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet!

When you glue the location in the Location field, it ought to identify a place on the BSC.


You see, there are a few expenses, so ensure you consider those. Or then again, you can essentially click “MAX” to allow it naturally to enter all the BNB you have.

Then, click “Withdraw”.


Snap “Affirm”

You will presently have to enter confirmation for this exchange.


Snap both the “Get Code”s and enter the codes you’ll get through mail and text.

A while later, proceed with the exchange.

You will see the improvement of your exchange in the Recent Withdrawals area underneath. It’s protected to invigorate the page, to see the progress.


It will say something like “Checked by X/16”. Stand by till it is 100% checked. You ought to likewise get a warning from MetaMask when it’s limited. Then, at that point, your BNB will be in your MetaMask Wallet.

Presently we can look at the last purchase, $ZOO!

4. Purchasing CryptoZoo $ZOO on PancakeSwap

Return to You should, in any case, be associated, something else, reconnect your MetaMask Wallet.

In the left menu, go to Trade> Exchange.


It would be best if you exchanged FROM BNB. Enter the measure of BNB you need to trade.

Then, click on “Select a money”.

Paste the CryptoZoo token:


This code comes directly from the authority site. To be 100% secure, duplicate it from that point.


This is the one we need. If you see “No outcomes”, ensure there are no spaces around the symbolic code.

Snap “Import”.


Twofold, Tripple and quadruple watch that the code under “ZOO)” begins with 0x8E77, a similar code on the site.

Flip the “I Understand” checkbox and click “Import”.

Enter the sum you need to exchange, or again click “MAX” to enter the measure of BNB you have in your Wallet.

Clicking “Trading” isn’t conclusive, and you should affirm your exchange some other time in your MetaMask Wallet. It can get hard to anticipate the amount BNB you need to trad with the gas charges, as you will require some extra gas expenses.

So go ahead and mess with it and oppose the exchanges in MetaMask until you track down the perfect measure of BNB.


Then, at that point, affirm the Trade once more.


MetaMask will open and requests that you affirm the exchange. Support/Confirm it.

We again need to stand by somewhat like a second before the exchange is checked on the organization.


Presently your exchange ought to be finished.

Open your Metamask, and you’ll see that you have some $ZOO there!


Congratulations! You are currently formally a CryptoZoo hodler!

What is CryptoZoo?

CryptoZoo will be an independent environment where ZOO proprietors breed, gather and exchange colourful crossover creatures through NFTs. You can check the authority Instagram for some obscure signs.

Individuals speculate that you’ll have the option to purchase ZOO eggs, the same as an NFT. And afterwards, those eggs will bring forth over the long run, and you will get a weird half breed creature.

What number of CryptoZoo NFT eggs are there?

UPDATE August 27: In the most recent IMPULSIVE web recording, Logan shared more information! In front of the undertaking’s dispatch, there will be 10,000 CryptoZoo NFT eggs accessible.

What amount is CryptoZoo worth, and is it a wise venture?

Right now of composing $ZOO is valued at $0.0003074 per $ZOO. That is 0.00000009593 ETH or 0.000000006392 BTC. There is around 500.11 billion ZOO available for use, making for a market cap of approximately $157,800,000.

No one knows whether it will be a wise interest in the long haul.

Logan Paul has messed with a few NFTs and another crypto before. He has put a tremendous amount of cash in CryptoPunks, potentially the most (in)famous NFT assortment.

As per the web recording scene where he initially referenced CryptoZoo, he has put more than USD 1 million into the undertaking and has been dealing with it for as long as a half year.

In the scene, he likewise expressed that he feels that CryptoZoo will make NFTs fun once more. Most NFTs are only an assortment of similar items rewrapped in various skins. He describes that the CryptoZoo model will bring something unique to the universe of NFTs.

As of now, there are 8,000 $ZOO holders on Wednesday, August 25, up from 4,000 on the twentieth and 2,000 on the nineteenth.

The coin has had an ATH of $0.0005153 on Friday, August 20, and has been to some degree “stable” the most recent few days somewhere in the range of $0.0003 and $0.0004.



On Google Trends plainly, an ever-increasing number of individuals are searching for data on CryptoZoo, even tho it has not yet been dispatched.

When will CryptoZoo dispatch?

CryptoZoo will dispatch on September 1, 2021. Make a point to check on dispatch day to know what’s up!

Where would I be able to purchase CryptoZoo?

You can purchase CryptoZoo on PancakeSwap and PooCoin.

On which organization is the CryptoZoo token?

The CryptoZoo token is on the BSC, Binance Smart Chain organization.

Who made CryptoZoo?

The maker of CryptoZoo is Logan Paul, an American YouTuber and NFT gatherer.

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