Challenges during the transition: Conventional vs online education during COVID-10 pandemic


The notorious coronavirus has deranged the system of the world. It has affected almost every sector and transformed the way we used to live. From shopping to working, nothing is the same as it was two years ago. 

While most industries were greatly affected with little or no income, the educational field instead shifted to an online learning system. The rapid spread of the fatal virus has caused teachers and students to go online with their learning sessions until the schools are considered safe enough for physical sessions. 

In early 2020, this sudden change was not acceptable to most of us. Some have accepted studying online, while some find it a challenging affair. Whether you are a high school or a university student, learning online is way too different than in classrooms. 

You are unable to focus, the internet access is poor sometimes, or your device may crash. Hence, there are countless possible setbacks for online classes. However, innovation is the mother of necessity. Technology has evolved to clear the hurdles with online courses and for a smooth transition. 

The teachers are putting extra effort into keeping the students on track. So, if you are a teacher, you are probably too jam pack these days to pursue higher education. 

However, several prestigious universities now offer online edd programs and PhD programs for your ease. There are several advantages of online education programs like Achievable exam prep;; they require less time than on-campus classes, offer flexible timings, increased individual attention, and help minimize travel expenditures. 

But there are some challenges associated with online education faced by students during the pandemic. We have listed some of them:

1. Teacher’s training:

With the sudden change to online teaching sessions, teachers face difficulty adjusting to the newer methods. There is a lack of training to use the digital forums. But this is not the case every time. Sometimes they have basic knowledge, but they don’t have enough resources. 

So, to combat these difficulties, educational institutes should make sure their teachers are well equipped. And not just that, they should arrange training sessions to guide them on how to use software to be more focused on teaching. 

2. Poor internet access:

Even in this digital era, it might not be easy to imagine a house without an internet connection. But you will be shocked if the latest research has proven that around 6 per cent of homes worldwide don’t have an internet connection. However, the internet facility has grown in leaps and bounds over the decade. 

Poor internet connection is frustrating. There are some places where internet connection is still insufficient to date, and the learning process is impossible without a good one. Hence, you can look for nearby locations like a library with good internet access. 

In addition to that, you can keep your teachers updated about your situation so that they can help you out. 

3. Increase in screen time:

One of the biggest problems we all faced during the pandemic is the increase in screen time. Sadly, the online sessions are a significant contributor. While taking the session, it is straightforward to get distracted and use social media sites.  

Excessive screen time causes multiple problems like poor posture, headaches, weak eyesight, etc. other than that, and the student cannot focus on their academic learning. Hence, the teachers must make their sessions engaging and attractive for their students to avoid losing interest. 

On the other end, students should monitor their screen time and adapt different activities for their leisure time like book reading or painting. 

4. Lack of self-discipline:

Shifting from a structured day at school to an unstructured online school system, it gets difficult for both the parents and the students. It is challenging for mothers to force their younger ones to sit in front of the computer and learn. However, adult college students are also easily distracted if they are not appropriately attended to or guided well. 

They may lose their self-discipline to engage in the session by themselves. So as a student, you can stick to your older school routine as much as possible. To give yourself a more realistic feel of attending a school, you can wake up early, dress up as you would for your school, and take a break between the sessions. It will help you regain the lost discipline.

5. The feeling of isolation:

Studying online and making a computer as your study partner is terrifying. Some students learn independently, but some need additional assistance from their peers to learn. The no physical interaction of students and teachers creates a sense of isolation. 

There was a time when we all dreaded going to school. But this pandemic has made us realize how much we missed it. We all missed that eye-to-eye communication with our friends, joking, and most of all, we missed our teachers pleading to listen to their lectures. 

So, with ongoing online sessions, the school should arrange communication forums where the students can interact face-to-face and reduce isolation. 


There are several advantages and disadvantages of online learning. However, the pandemic has forced us to leave the conventional method and switch to the online educational system. But many of us still prefer the traditional way. 

E-learning has become the new normal for us. It offers various resources to personalize it and create the perfect learning environment that best suits your needs. You will have the significant advantage of flexible timings so that you can continue your education along with your job. 

And what could be more fun than enjoying an online session in your favourite pyjama? 

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