5 Ways Tech Tools Can Help You Get Your Next Job

Ways Tech Tools Can Help You Get Your Next Job

Job searching can be a slog at times and can feel overwhelming. Luckily technology is able to make the whole process much simpler.

As the job market moves evermore online there are a lot of pitfalls to watch out for but also lots of handy ways to make life easier. Below are 5 key ways that online tech can help you make finding your next job a little bit easier.

Help With Building your Resume

In the old days, you had to hand type a resume. Now though, there are not only ways to easily edit your document but also to help you build it from scratch.

Creating a resume can be a finicky process. There are lots of little tips and tricks that most people don’t consider when putting theirs together.

This is where resume builders come in. These tools will help you get the fundamentals right and whip up a document that looks good and reads well in under 30 minutes. Click the following link for more information on how to start yours.

Keep Your Search Focused

When you’re trying to find a job you should always make sure that you fit the desired profile that employers want. Of course, it can take a while to read through all the job adverts to find the place where your skills match their requirements perfectly.

Naturally, there is a tech solution to this issue.

JobSeer is a Chrome extension that can help you check if a company is the right fit for you before you go through the effort of reading through a length job advert. It uses AI and your resume to quickly highlight jobs where you stand the best chance of success.

 You can also use it to target your preferred job titles and positions that are hiring for your particular skills set in your location. This can help you identify where the real opportunities are much faster.

Get Easily In Contact With the Right People

Making connections with people who can point your career in the right direction has never been easier in the online age.

By now you’ve almost certainly heard of and used LinkedIn in connection with finding a job. It is easily the biggest and best known of the online tools available with 750 million users and is a great way to work your professional network.

However, there are many resources available than just the behemoth that LinkedIn has become.

When you’re job searching, it’s important to find connections that focus on your sector and professional niche. Therefore, it’s a good idea to look at options that are specifically optimized for your industry.

Surprisingly, Facebook is a very good option for this. Thanks to its groups, there are often locally focused professional communities for all sorts of industries. However, there are also many niche apps and websites that can help you get hired in your sector.

Make Sure That ATS Doesn’t Slow Your Job Search

Applicant tracking software (ATS) is increasingly a reality of life for job hunters.

Quickly summed up, it is filtering software companies use to sort the best candidates from those who don’t meet their criteria. It’s had a fast adoption rate by businesses with over 90% of Fortune 500 companies now using it in their hiring process.

Not optimizing your resume for this purpose can absolutely kill your chances of getting on the shortlist for an interview. Therefore, you need to make sure that your document hits the right note.

Lucky, it’s tech to the rescue once again. Most resume builders are normally designed to ensure that your template is machine-readable once it’s completed. However, there are other useful tools like Jobscan that you can use to optimize your file even further.

Find a Little Intel on Your Prospective Employer

As has always been the case, it’s essential to do your research about a possible employer before hitting send on your application. This not only helps you properly target the job with your resume, but it also gives you a better idea if it’s the sort of place you’d like to work.

However, thanks to tech, it’s much easier to get that insider intel about what things are really like in a company. Glassdoor gives employees the chance to get a clearer picture of how a company operates and treats its staff as well as its prospective hires.

Using testimonies and user ratings from people who either work at or who have interviewed for a company, you can see what the workforce actually thinks of a place.

Businesses often make a lot of promises during the hiring process, this is a way to see who’s on the level and who’s embellishing the truth.

By focusing on the 5 key areas above and using the tech tools available, you’ll be able to cut down the time it takes to get hired. These apps all make it much easier to find what you’re looking for and also ensure you’ll be best placed to get noticed when recruiters are drawing up their shortlists.

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