What Programming Languages Are Used in CRM?

What is CRM

Customer Relationship Management software development is one of the most complex and highest-paying processes in the IT industry. It involves a lot of planning, working with both client- and server-side, and merging different systems together. Logically enough, it requires programmers to have a lot of hard skills and experience.

What is CRM?

But what even makes CRMs so hard to create? What languages are used for developing one? Why is it better to use custom CRM software development? To understand it, let’s find out what these systems are and how they work.

The primary goal of customer relationship management programs is to improve both the performance of workers and clients’ experience. CRMs are successful when they manage to simplify operators’ daily procedures and reduce the time customers need to spend looking for an answer.


Types of CRM

These systems are categorized based on the development process and main operational goals and features.

Ready vs. Custom Solutions

If you want to acquire customer relationship management software for your company, you have 2 different options. Your first choice is to use a ready-made CRM. There are plenty of those, and each one offers different specialized features, depending on their main purpose. Here are some of the best ones you could find today:

  • Zoho is the best all-around solution. It offers plenty of customization, a great price, and a good set of features.
  • SalesForce is the best for sales teams and their management. Suits businesses of any size.
  • Hubspot is aimed at team management and efficient organization. Comes completely free of charge.

However, even though they provide you with many useful features and tools, they won’t always suit your requirements perfectly. That’s because they are developed for a large audience and can’t satisfy everyone’s needs. So, if you have innovative ideas you want to implement or have very specific demands, custom CRM solutions are your go-to.

Such bespoke programs are always created by your standards to fit your company perfectly. They might come with a heftier price, but the opportunities for profits due to increased efficiency are always worth that cost.


These 3 types determine the main functions and purposes of a CRM. The first type, operational, aims to either automate daily processes or make them easier to do by human workers. Such systems mostly require some kind of AI. Therefore, you would likely use Python and/or Java and Javascript, depending on if you’re working on a web-based part or a user client.

Collaborative CRMs do have many features that simplify regular operations. Still, their main focus is shifted towards communication and accessing data from different workstations. After all, it’s called collaborative for a reason. In most cases, these programs include communication software integrations for voice or video calls and almost always have instant message chats.

Also, don’t forget that you need to organize large piles of data in collaborative programs and make it as accessible as possible. Additionally, organizational features like fast data sorting and task management are often required for this type of custom CRM solutions. When it comes to creating these apps, almost any programming language will do, like JavaScript, Ruby, C++, C#, Python, or any other.

Analytical systems are the ones that are targeted at receiving the most relevant and precise information. Of course, such custom CRM software solutions still need to enhance the customer experience. Still, they also need to collect all the possible data from all the sources. That means that the size of databases in such cases is usually bigger, and the complexity of analytical software needs to be raised to be more precise.

So, when it comes to data science, Python is the best choice nowadays. It’s flexible, easy to learn, and has tons of libraries and integration opportunities available. Other options you have are Java, JavaScript, Ruby, and SQL. As you can guess, some of these are only applicable to certain parts of the project, but combining them will allow you to create the most efficient system possible.

Programming Language for CRM

The Best Programming Language for CRM

But which one of all of those is the perfect option? Which one should aspiring developers learn to create CRM custom solutions? There’s no certain answer, but let’s try to understand where particular languages could be applied and why these options are relevant today.


Custom CRM systems are always web-based. So they need to use programming language suitable for web frameworks, especially the popular ones like Node.js, React.js, and Angular.js. The best existing option is JavaScript. It’s one of the most popular and convenient web languages, as it works with countless frameworks and provides unique opportunities.

One of the best advantages is that Javascript is by no means hard to learn. You shouldn’t expect yourself to get huge experience in just a few days, but you’ll get a good grip on it and will be able to create a very simple custom CRM program pretty quick.


Another good variant for web programming for your system is Ruby, as it has a very good framework called Ruby on Rails. It’s a considerably young language, which means that it has many useful tools and libraries. Also, one of the main advantages of Ruby is that creating databases with it is simple. And as a bonus, you’ll be able to easily visualize or create web designs for your program. This will greatly improve the look of your customer relationship management app.


Python is somewhat of a modern titan in the programming world. Many have heard about it, but its main advantage is that it can be used almost everywhere. Right, you won’t be able to develop a CRM from scratch using just Python, but it could become your ultimate tool. On its own, it’s not suitable for web development. However, scripts written in Python can be integrated into Ruby or JavaScript software pretty easily, allowing you to use all of its benefits.

And speaking about benefits, Python has tons of them. First of all, it’s a very multi-purpose language. Learning this language will allow you to improve your system by adding many useful features and give you a perfect chance to create any other type of software.

Secondly, it’s really flexible, stable, and secure. These 3 factors combined ensure the best comfort of programming. You don’t need to worry about crashes or bugs caused by outdated syntax. Everything in Python is made for your convenience. So even if all the tools at your dispense still aren’t enough, go search for additional ones. There are plenty of them available, and they are guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s programming needs.

Each company has its unique way of dealing with customer relations, marketing, and data storage. Some companies may set multiple goals and hire a team for CRM development to ensure that the new software fits all business operations.

Final Words

There’s no certain answer to which programming language is the best one for CRM development. Nowadays, most experts recommend using Ruby, JavaScript, and potentially adding some pieces written in C#, Python, or Java. So, keep practicing and never give up because software development is all about determination. Good luck!

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