6 Reasons Why A Beachside Hotel Is Better Than A Regular Hotel Accommodation

Beachside Hotel

Raise your hand if you need a vacation from this stressful, anxiety-inducing pandemic. Of course, we all need a break. Fortunately, we are gradually seeing signs of life in the travel industry. The world is slowly reopening its doors to the hospitality and tourism sectors. Have you already written your post-COVID-19 travel plans yet? 

Some people are planning to stay at a nice hotel, with comfortable rooms, luxe amenities, invigorating spa services, and round-the-clock housekeeping. Others prefer to escape to a beach and let the natural therapeutic components of the sea restore their wellbeing. But what if you can have the best of both worlds by booking a lovely seaside hotel accommodation?

If you’re planning to have a perfect getaway after the pandemic, we list down 6 reasons that will make beachside hotels your ideal choice. 

1. Who doesn’t want a beachfront view?

Living in a coastal area and waking up to the picturesque view of the sea is a dream. You can fulfill this fantasy for days if you book a beachside hotel. 

Forget the unpleasant views of the street or a firewall that you may get from budget hotels. When you stay at a beachside hotel. you can catch the vivid sunrise or sunset and inhale the sea breeze from your balcony. If you want to take a dip or simply walk along the shore, the beach is just an elevator ride away. 

2. Reap the health benefits of the sea

Feeling stressed and anxious recently? Do you feel aches and sores from overworked joints and muscles? Is your skin losing that lovely, pink glow from staying indoors for months? Maybe a beach vacation, a.k.a “Vitamin Sea” is all you need. 

Everybody knows that the sea offers a plethora of health benefits. The ocean frees you from stress and anxiety the moment you see, smell, hear, and feel it. The sea also helps you sleep better, relieves pains and aches, and makes your heart and lungs healthier. Lastly, the sea does an amazing job for your skin. 

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have easy access to the sea for your much-needed beach therapy? Booking a seaside hotel is the perfect way to go. 

3. Enjoy the luxury of hotel accommodation

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about “beach getaway”? Perhaps you can imagine staying in a tropical hut with no Wi-Fi, making your own bonfire to cook BBQs, and getting your skin filled with sea salt and sand without a decent shower room to use. Well, of course, these are fun experiences that allow you to be closer to nature. But if you’re someone who loves comfortable, air-conditioned rooms and 24/7 housekeeping, then beachside hotels are perfect for you. 

With beachside hotels, you can enjoy the beauty of coastal living while taking advantage of the luxurious amenities of hotel properties. You have access to fully-airconditioned hotel rooms with modern toilet and bath, Wi-Fi, TV sets, swimming pools, spa, fitness centers, restaurants, and bars. 

4. There are a lot of fun activities for you

Whether you’re traveling with kids, having a romantic vacation with your significant other, or unwinding alone, you’ll enjoy a wide range of activities seaside hotels have in store. 

Depending on the seaside hotel you choose, you may enjoy opportunities for cruises, fishing, kayaking, beach volleyball, snorkeling, and surfing, as well as watersport lessons for the whole family. Some hotels even have other activities besides watersports including horseback riding, golf, scenic walks along the trail. 

No matter how vast and beautiful the hotel swimming pool is or how funky the inflatables are, these things can never replace the fun of swimming along sandy beaches and welcoming the waves. 

5. Coastal living within reach

Want to savor fresh seafood dishes from an authentic seafood restaurant by the beach? Or buy high-quality marine commodities? Or perhaps see the marvelous world underwater by learning the basics of snorkeling and scuba diving? 

You can never go wrong with the eateries, tours, and shops that are located along the beach. And thanks to the seaside hotel, you don’t need to travel long distances to get your hands on these remarkable experiences. 

6. Seaside hotels provide a bang for your buck

People often think that beachside hotels can put a dent on your wallet but this isn’t always the case. If you have the patience to research hotel properties found on the beach, you can get plenty of accommodation options at affordable rates. When you look at beach hotels’ amenities, views, and on-site activities, you’ll get your dollar’s worth on the value you’re going to get. And besides, you can cut down the stress and extra cash of arranging different travel accommodations to visit beaches.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a foodie and travel blogger who hates being locked up at home. Her fondness for travel, food, and cultural appreciation makes it easy for her to write inspiring pieces of content about them. To know more about hotels and travel blogs, you may visit Ocean Sands Hotel.

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