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Ninja Weapons

Ninja weapons are high in demand weapons that were used by ninjas once in the past. Ninjas were warriors who resided in a village of modern-day China. They trained hard and acquired special skills to provide protection for their belongings and loved ones.

The skills they practice are widely known as martial arts today, and it has many different forms. However, they also learned the art of safety with the use of weapons. The ninja weapons names that the ninjas used are throwing stars, bo staff, kubotan, sai, swords, nunchucks, and many more.

Just like martial arts are a unique set of skills to learn, the ninjas’ defending tools were also unique. The good thing for all history and arms lovers is that you get to buy each type of them in many cool styles today. 

Ninja Weapons List – Different Types Being Offered

The Ninja Weapons list is here to leave you impressed as the weapons being offered consist of the best of their time. 

  • Bo Staff

The bo staff is a staff made up of wood, and it was used for close combat action. The staff was used by hitting one side of it while holding onto the other, or it was used by swinging it from the middle and beating many opponents in one go. These are the uses that even you can learn. One more way the staff can be used for, and that is for blocking large numbers of people in one go just like the police do with the baton today. 

  • Nunchucks

The nunchucks are another real ninja tools that were used back then. The tool comprises two wooden or metal sticks that are joined to one another with the help of a chain at an arms distance. The tool was used by hitting one side of the nunchaku or strangling the opponent with the thick chain’s help. You can use the tool in the same manner. The pleasing thing is that you get to buy it in different forms, such as wood or metal. 

  • Sai

You all may have used a fork for eating once in a lifetime. How about having a fork for defending yourself? Well, the sai is a weapon that is an enlarged version of a knife. It has three pointed blades on top and has a small handle that provides greater control over the weapon. The ninjas used the tool to block sword attacks and stabbing the enemy as the pointed blades were capable of ripping through the body.

  • Ninja Swords

You may be wondering as to if the ninja swords may be similar to the ones you usually see, but the fact is that they are different. Also known as the katana, these real ninja weapons had a curved blade, cut from the front, and were shorter in size. As they were short, the ninjas carried two of them at a time. Carrying two turned out to be a great thing, and it gave ninjas the edge they wanted in their close combat fights. 

  • Throwing Stars

The throwing stars are cool ninja weapons that were created for long-range combat. The tool was shaped like a star and had four and, in some cases, five-pointed edges. The ninjas used the tool by attacking opponents from a distance by throwing the star at them. They even used the tool for hunting in the same manner. All ninja weapons that fall under this category come with a cover to prevent accidents and increase the stars’ lives. 

  • Practicing Tools

Practicing tools are tools that are made up of safe materials. You get to find most of the above-listed weapons made out of wood and foam. The practice tools are the safest to use as you cannot harm yourself while training with them. You can even let your kids play around with the practice tools. 

  • Martial Arts Uniform

After you have acquired the best ninja tools for yourself, it is now time to get yourself the attire that makes you look like the one. There is a whole lot collection of karate uniforms and ninja uniforms that you get to buy from. They come in different colors and sizes, making it easy for anyone to pick one.

What Weapons do Ninja Use?

The above-listed weapons are ones that the ninjas used. They include throwing stars, swords, sai, nunchucks, and bo staff. The tools are useful for long-range and close-range combat, and you can pick one depending on your interest. 

What is a Ninja Weapon?

A ninja weapon is a weapon that was used in the past by warriors who resided in China. The warriors were known as ninjas due to their excellent fighting skills, and the weapons they used were given the name of ninja weapons. 

Do Ninjas Still Exist?

This thing has been asked a lot of times even today as to if the ninjas exist today or not. No, the warriors do not exist today; however, you can find their descendants, and you get to see the tools they used with ease. As technology has transformed everything, there is no need for warriors today. 

Uses of the Ninja Weapons for Sale

Now that you realize what each type of weapon is meant for and what each type is good at, let us now get you acquainted with the usage of the cool ninja weapons for sale. They can be bought into use in the ways written below.

All you can protect yourself with the cool weapons is just the way you see the ninjas in movies and cartoons. To learn how to use them, you can watch movies that depict their use, or you can go on to watch tutorials and can understand the use of them.

The practice weapons on the list are the best to practice. You can let your kids have them for fooling around, or you can yourself use them for practicing if you are a martial artist. You can then go on to show off your skills with the weapon by recording and uploading your video.

The weapons have an interesting history. People out there have hobbies of collecting weapons and historical artifacts; if you are amongst them, you should add these weapons to your collection as they will add the attractiveness factor to it. 

Along with all of these uses, you can also gift the tools to a loved one, and you can even use them for cosplay and costume parties. They are cheaper in rates, and at the same time, they give the feel of a real weapon. 

Buy Cool Weapons Right Away

The knowledge provided above may be well enough to leave you thinking about how many weapons to buy but wait, we are not done yet as the pricing part and places to buy them from the need to be discussed. Coming to the pricing part, you will be surprised, but the shocking reality is that the weapons are available at extremely low prices. 

You can decide on buying the weapons in bulk to earn income from them by selling them for higher prices at your end. You get to do this because you get the weapons at discounted prices when you buy in bulk. The weapons also can be purchased as individual pieces for collection or for gifting them to loved ones.

The weapons can be bought from different weapon places in the country, and you can even go and look for them at online sites. Check the ninja weapons available and buy your favorite ones today.

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