Small Business Marketing: Why Video Marketing is Crucial?

Why Video Marketing is Crucial

Video marketing is booming. Everyone is using it to benefit his or her business. However, if you don’t value video marketing as part of a successful marketing strategy then this blog or will help you in sorting the doubts.

A successful marketing strategy contains different methods. From having top-notch content to enabling SEO techniques, there is a lot of effort that goes into curating a marketing strategy for a brand.

However, when it comes to creating a marketing strategy for a small business there are many factors that we let go. The sacrifices of marketing elements in a small business marketing strategy are often because of a lack of resources and a small marketing budget.

But there is one marketing tool for which you should stretch your marketing budget as it provides endless benefits to the business. And this tool is video marketing. If you want to produce creative and stunning videos for your business, check out this recommended online video editor.

If you are wondering why video marketing is important for a business then here are a few stats from different surveys to prove the points:

  • 54% of customers like to see more video content of the businesses they support.
  • 87% of marketers use video as a marketing tool in their marketing strategy.
  • 93% of marketers say they have gained a new customer through video marketing on social media pages.
  • Internet users spend almost 7 hours each week watching videos online.
  • 74% of people were convinced to download an application or software after watching a product video.

Video Marketing during Pandemic

The pandemic has brought changes everywhere in our lives. But mostly it impacted businesses; small businesses to be precise.

After months of struggle and dedication to hold on to the last hope to survive the pandemic storm, small businesses are continuing to cope with the crisis.

Apart from business owners, marketers have also been in the dark as a result of pandemic distractions.

However, with the increase in social media usage of people, the marketers were forced to step out of the darkness to revive their marketing strategies in accordance with the pandemic changes.

For instance, 66% of marketers expect an increase in social media content creation during the pandemic, in the global pandemic and lockdown.

And so be it, there was a lot of demand for social media content followed by 50% video product and 57% blog content creation, as predicted by many marketers.

The marketing team worked day and night during the peak of the pandemic to provide the customers with relevant content and also to keep the business alive. Keeping their struggles in mind, 87% of consumers appreciated brands that were putting efforts to deliver relevant and timely information during the coronavirus outbreak.

How to Modify Your Video Marketing Strategy during the Pandemic

The pandemic has yet not left us. Therefore, if you are thinking to jump back on your pre-coronavirus video marketing strategy then you might be putting your brand to a lot of risks.

Instead, what you should do is bring modification in your video marketing strategy to make it relevant in the current times.

We understand that most small businesses are yet functioning from home and therefore, having the right resources to connect the marketing team would be a headache.

But with a stable and affordable internet connection at home, it won’t be so difficult.

We suggest you have affordable internet packages from Spectrum internet which is well-recognized for offering affordable cable TV packages such spectrum silver with its spectacular Spectrum Silver Channel List

Spectrum also offers high-speed internet packages at affordable rates, which is the best option for small businesses working from home.

Now that we know which Internet would be best suited for functioning, let us talk about modifications:

Be careful with the brand messages: In the pre-coronavirus days, you might have not given too much attention to the brand messages but in the current times, it is the most crucial factor to give attention to.

According to research, more than 56% of consumers are willing to hear COVID-19 messages from the brand they support.

Therefore, you too should take the responsibility of delivering relevant information and messages to your customers.

Have a purpose: These days, many marketers are joining the cause to a point that they are copy pasting the standard COVID-19 content. Content such as “your safety is our priority” is a line you will see everywhere.

So instead of becoming another sheep in the heard make sure you have a good purpose and a customized approach in your video marketing strategy during the pandemic.

Be mobile-friendly: During the pandemic, people are on their mobile phones a lot. So, you need to first make sure that whatever content you put out there, be it video content or website content it should be mobile-friendly so that you can convey more viewers into buyers.


Make sure you modify your video marketing strategy to gain more customers during the coronavirus outbreak.

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