Important Automation Tools For Every Software And SAAS Company


Are you a SAAS or a software company India looking to supercharge your growth and ROI using marketing automation tools? Every software company India needs to stay efficient when it comes to growth, sales, and marketing. They can use automation tools in their work to do so. So, let’s have a look at the best marketing automation tool all the SAAS companies need to flourish efficiently:


When it comes to marketing automation, HubSpot is a must-have. This software is ideal for marketing automation, customer service, and sales. With this full-service automation software, you can do everything from optimizing content for SEO to managing social media. The free services of HubSpot are the best thing. So, even entrepreneurs can streamline different aspects of marketing using HubSpot until they can use their paid features. Every SAAS company will find all it takes to attract leads, retain clients, and close deals with HubSpot.

Atomic Reach

Do you want to produce the best content for social posts, emails, or blogs? Try Atomic Reach. Atomic Reach is an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool that can evaluate your present content and tell you how well it does. The tool tells the emotional level and readability level of your content. With AI, it ensures that you get results-driven and accurate data to create an ideal content marketing strategy. Each content is provided an Atomic score along with clues to change/ edit the content and customize it to increase the Atomic score.


Do you want the complete picture of your company’s marketing performance in one place? Databox can help. With Databox, you get access to important marketing data by integrating with different platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords, Hubspot, Instagram, Shopify, and more in one place. The best part of Databox is that its free version does nearly everything that you would want from reporting dashboards.


This tool has been available for quite some time. It was acquired by adobe recently and has now been included in their business marketing cloud. So, if you make use of Adobe Target for personalization and experimentation and Adobe Analytics for measurement of data, you get the power of enterprise marketing automation suite. This tool is perfect for enterprise clients and not so ideal for small business owners. Marketo helps businesses close the gaps between marketing and sale and offers flawless customer experience at each stage of the buyers’ journey in every channel.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange offers you insights into your website’s usability. The tool will tell you how much content is consumed by the users, which are the most viewed pages, and how far the visitors are scrolling on a page. This can greatly help you optimize your conversions as you can find out pages that are engaging your users the most and which are not. This can help you make changes in those pages accordingly to make it more attractive and engaging. Lucky Orange offers a 7-days free trial so that you may test whether it is perfect for you or not.


Drip is a marketing automation tool that is mainly focused on eCommerce marketing automation only. This open platform claims to play well with any marketing plan you throw at them. Email is one of the core strengths of Drip. Some of its email marketing and marketing automation features include one-off emails, email campaigns, automation workflows, email builders, and multi-channel marketing. They also outshine in analytics and personalization.


Another great tool for marketing efforts. This wonderful platform is used by creators, businesses, and influencers to mainly monetize their knowledge. It lets people create video courses for their students. It offers awesome marketing tools within its platform to create coupons and plug-ins for promoting the courses via different marketing channels.


Do you wish to customize your email signature for certain contacts? Sigster is the ideal tool for you. Sigster can be used to add different CTA in your email signatures for different users. With the help of Sigster, you can create a CTA for your existing clients and another one for your prospects. They also offer a demo for trying their software and finding out whether it is a useful addition to a business’s marketing automation strategy or not.


This tool makes it simpler for the sales team to make contracts, quotes, and sales documents. By automating the entire proposal process, the tool saves lots of time for your sales team that is otherwise spent on making proposals and offers more time in doing more important things like selling. This software also informs sales representatives when a lead sees their email, reads their proposal, accepts the deal, or comments on anything.


This tool can help both a software company India and SAAS business marketing with its simple to use and intelligent chat platform. It helps you engage with your visitors in a better way and convert those visitors into leads. It also assists you to qualify the leads and engage with them using personalization. It can also assist you in the activation phase to turn the trial clients into paid ones. Drift offers hands-off services with its own conversational engine. This Al-powered conversational marketing tool lets you automate conversations with your clients. It also supports various languages, an advantageous feature if the SAAS plans to rise globally.

The tool makes your sales, marketing, and client success efforts less time-consuming and more efficient. If you wish to increase your revenue and client base, try this tool. With, your staff can easily take complete care of the outbound activities like personalized and automated campaigns, account-based sales, follow-ups, and more.


If you are looking for a simple and more effective method to find your contact information for potential leads, Clearbit can help. Clearbit is available to download as a free extension of Google Chrome for ease of use and full integration. The data0-driven software offers information about technologies used, employee count, industry classification, and more. With the help of this information, you can easily convert more leads to grow your SAAS firm. The paid version of Clearbit comes with many powerful features.


Are you looking for a remarkable eCommerce solution? Don’t look further. Shopify is the market leader when it comes to eCommerce marketing automation. Shopify has got some excellent features to boot for a SAAS firm. Moreover, Shopify and HubSpot have teamed up recently with their integrations taking the whole world of marketing by storm. If you are also looking for an ideal eCommerce solution, do try Shopify. It is second to none.


There are hundreds of marketing products in the market with great possibilities. So, when making a purchasing decision, you should always pay full attention to the features of the preferred software to find out whether it meets your SAAS marketing needs or not. Choose the one that serves your aims and integrates well with your CRM system and marketing automation platform.

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