How to Define and Tell Your Brand’s Story Online?

Doing business in New York City is no easy feat considering all competition you have to face in the market. You need to establish a strong brand if you want to survive long and enjoy an edge over your competitors. It all starts with defining and telling your brand story in a way that resonates with your audience. 

Understand What a Brand Story Is

So what exactly is a brand story? Essentially, it’s a narrative woven on the events that led to the inception of your company. It should reveal your brand’s personality while helping you connect with your consumers at an emotional level.

Telling your brand story helps you build trust among your audience. It gives them a reason to choose you over your competitors, giving them all details about the facts and emotions that your brand evokes.

Identify Your Audience’s Conflict

At their core, every business has the same objective: to fulfill a consumer need or resolve a problem. As a business owner, what issue did you see that made you think about starting this business? What was the problem that you wanted to provide a solution for? What are those conflicts that can help you identify your target audience?

It’s imperative to identify your business’s central conflict if you want to know who you are targeting. This will be the foundation that will help you understand the problems of your target audience and come up with a way to solve them.

Explain Your Resolution

Once you have identified your business’s essential purpose, your next step is to explain how your business can resolve that conflict. This is where your product or service comes into the picture. Make sure you tell the primary function of your product or service, along with its primary features. You can even make a short video of how to use your product or subscribe to your service.

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

There are three modes of persuasion that your brand story should aim to achieve: ethos, pathos, and logos.

  • Ethos or ethics refers to the credibility appeal that you would like to achieve by telling your brand story. It establishes your authority and helps you gain the trust of your target audience.
  • Pathos refers to the aspect that sways your audience emotionally and helps you connect with them.
  • Logos is the logical or reason appeal that will tell your audience why they should choose you over your competitors. It is about explaining all the features and benefits of your offer so customers understand it completely.

Make sure you keep all these three aspects in mind while defining and telling your brand story.

Be Authentic and Personable

Defining a brand story is all about building trust. Even the best of the stories remain powerless if they don’t seem authentic. Be honest and transparent while telling your brand story. Help your audience identify the real personality of your brand and connect with it.

Be genuine when you talk about the various adversities your company has faced and how you have overcome them. It is the path to your success that your audience will relate to. Focus on humanizing your brand rather than spinning a blemish-free story of how your brand is the best in the industry.

Ask for Help If You Need It

Are you finding it difficult to answer some of the questions mentioned above? Do you have problems grasping some of these concepts about telling your brand story? You may benefit by hiring a professional branding agency.

There are many branding agencies you can connect with if you want to tell your brand story in a very authentic way. However, you can benefit the most by teaming up with a web design firm in NYC since it will be closer to you. This way, you can get support whenever you need it without having to wait for long hours.

Weave Magic with a Powerful Brand Story

Promoting your business correctly and reaching out to the right target audience is very important if you want to establish a strong brand. Discuss your company details with a professional branding consultant. Ensure he understands the same and comes up with a compelling brand story that resonates with your audience.

You may have to do some research before identifying the right branding agency. Explore your options, go through the credentials, check out samples, read through reviews, ask references, and compare the pricing and terms before making your decision.

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