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The most important department in a company is the HR desk as it helps in managing its most valuable resource- people. A good HR department can transform the way a business works- improve productivity, reduce redundant costs, and create an incomparable company culture.

It goes without saying that an HR software is thus, the most important piece of technology you would use in your business. A good HR system can handle a majority of your administrative tasks with ease and present you actionable reports that you can later use to make improvements in your workflow, increase employee job satisfaction and reduce HR turnover rate.

How do you select the right HR software for your business needs? Here are some features that you may want in your next HR system.

GDPR compliance

A good business solution must also be compliant with local laws and help you in navigating the complex data storage and collection policies. If your software comes with GDPR compliance, you can rest assured that you are not violating European laws when collecting and storing employee data.

Payroll management

An HR solution that offers advanced payroll management services can help your business flourish and take the workload off your HR staff. Payroll management often takes the most time and demands extensive care from the HR staff. However, with quality software, it can be managed in a breeze. You can add salaries, other compensations, benefits, perks, bonuses, appraisals, and other payments for employees using a simple and sleek interface.

Reporting tools

A good HR management solution usually comes with advanced reporting tools that can help you monitor employee performance comments and recognize the most motivated and productive members of the staff. You can track timesheets, attendance, absence, time-offs, and other important metrics of your staff and create detailed reports. It helps you understand productivity trends at the workplace and allows you to create effective employee engagement and training programs.

Risk mitigation

Disputes are common at the workplace and employees may often deny having read an important email to prove their point. A good HR solution provides you with “read and accept” features which reduce the chances of risk in any disputes. Additionally, it improves monitoring and creates more streamlined workflows that could avoid legal troubles for the company if and when a dispute arises.


Legacy HR software is limited to office workstations and intranets. An online, cloud-based solution can help in meeting the needs of modern workplaces where geographical distances, remote teams and remote employees spread around the globe are common. These solutions can be accessed on employee laptops and mobile devices with ease and keep them connected to company communication, line managers, and respective departments.

Getting an HR solution will be the most important business decision you take. It is important to do your research beforehand. You may also contact software solution providers to get demos and understand which solutions will suit your business the most. Remember, an HR software will form the backbone of your company administration and it is imperative that you get the right solution.

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