What is the best headless CMS for web development and marketing?

CMS for web development

Businesses that create and publish high-quality content stand the best chance to succeed, retaining current customers and attracting new ones. Such businesses can deliver a superior digital experience on their websites and other marketing platforms.

As online shopping continues to gain more traction, firms have realized that they can no longer afford to compromise on the quality of their content. Different headless CMS have emerged to improve website development and marketing.

Even though many platforms will claim to be the best, only a few can withstand the test of time. This article will guide you on the best headless CMS for marketing and web development.

The best headless CMS – Kontent by Kentico

Whether a marketer or a developer, you always want to use the best headless CMS that delivers beyond expectation. Such a CMS should ensure a smooth working experience and facilitate your intention to create high-quality content. Additionally, it should be able to facilitate teamwork and real-time collaboration. The best headless CMS provides these features at a user-friendly pricing schematic.

With these factors of consideration in mind, there is one platform that stands out from the rest – Kontent by Kentico.

Why Kontent by Kentico is the best headless CMS

Kontent by Kentico stands out as the best headless content CMS due to its features for marketers and web developers. The platform delivers enhanced security, content management, and better control of processes.

When you use Kontent for your marketing and web development needs, you can create Collections to help with teamwork. Using Collections allows you to define everyone’s responsibility for the smooth execution of your project.

The headless CMS empowers you to create a better digital experience for your followers. The cloud-based SaaS ensures high availability at all times. Additionally, the platform is multichannel, which means you can structure your content for any viewing device and channel.

Kontent by Kentico has flexible pricing to ensure everyone chooses a package that works for them and fits within their budget:

  • Business – The starter package for a growing business
  • Premium – Works best when you have major projects
  • Enterprise – An ideal choice when you need custom plans

Other headless CMS to consider

As mentioned, the need for content management systems has increased. That has led to the emergence of many platforms seeking to leverage this growing market. However, not all of them can live up to expectations. Here is a look at some alternatives to Kontent:

#1: Agility CMS

Agility CMS has been in operation for 15 years now and is largely used by developers and editors. It works faster and incorporates typical features expected of a headless CMS. The platform uses the content-first approach to structure and deliver digital content. Most people find this approach to be simple to use and set up.

#2: Magnolia

Developers and authors typically use Magnolia for their works due to the fast speed of its publishing environment. Developers have the freedom of using any front-end framework while marketers get a great authoring experience coupled with personalization and live preview.

#3: Butter CMS

This headless content management system is known for helping move from the traditional CMS. Butter CMS integrates with most frameworks and SDKs for Rails, .NET, React, Django, and more.

#4: Sanity

Sanity has various customization features, making it possible to create custom components when required. It works with React and JavaScript seamlessly and integrates with most APIs. Additionally, the platform has some data modeling abilities that would prove helpful in your work. Some of its features include live preview, multiplayer, rollback and tracking, and full version control.

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