Al-Khobar Travel Guide for First-Time Visitors

Why Visit Al-Khobar?

Al-Khobar is one of the few cities in the Middle East region, situated on the shore of the Persian Gulf, which makes the climate bearable for tourists from all over the world without sacrificing all the fun activities in the Desert. If one is on a tight budget but wants to taste what the Middle East has to offer, he should not look any further than the beautiful city Al-Khobar.

Best Time of Year to Visit Al-Khobar

Al-Khobar being a desert city, has a hot and humid summer and cold and dry winter. Like any other desert city, the best time to visit Al-Khobar is also during the Autumn and Spring months which lasts between February to April and August to November.


Al-Khobar Travel Guide
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Do You Need a Visa For Al-Khobar

If one wants to visit Al-Khobar, they need their passport and a visa for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has actually a very tourist-friendly policy. So it does not really matter which nation the traveller is from since getting a visa to visit Saudi Arabia is very easy.

 What To Pack and what to wear for a trip to Al-Khobar

If one is interested in visiting Al-Khobar, it is always advised to wear clothes that completely cover your skin to avoid heartburns. To protect the neck and the head area, it is strongly advised to wear a scarf and a hat. Due to the high UV index in the desert, a pair of Anti-UV coated. Sunglasses are also a must. When it comes to packing a good sunscreen, a hydration pack, a portable charger, shoes designed for desert climates, insect repellants, wet towels, and most importantly, a well equipped First Aid kit are the absolute necessity when one is visiting Al-Khobar.

It Is Cheap to Get There

Saudi Airlines or SAUDIA is one of the best airlines to choose if one plans to visit Al-Khobar. The Saudi Airlines booking is straightforward and requires selecting options from a couple of drop-down menus, and the ticket is booked conveniently without any hassle.

Befriend budget airlines

There is a wide variety of budget airlines operating in the region. Since it is never too tiring to save some quick bucks, one should always research all the budget airlines’ ticket prices and book the tickets quite early.


Befriend budget airlines
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Language in Al-Khobar

Arabic is the most frequently spoken language in Al-Khobar. But if you are a tourist and plan to visit Al-Khobar, do not let that discourage you from planning a trip as most of the population in Al-Khobar is fluent in English and should pose any barrier in communication.

How to get around Within Al-Khobar

There are various modes of transportation available in the City of Al-Khobar. If you are a tourist, booked taxis and cabs on demand are always good options if one wants to experience a bit of the local life; however, public transports like buses should do the trick.

Taste The Local Food

Saudi Arabian Cuisine is full of mouth-watering dishes. Them, Kabsa, Tamers, Umm Ali, Bajaj Mashwi, Saleeg, Martabak and Thrid are especially the ones who must try if they visit the region for the first time.


taste local food


Markets and Shopping in Al-Khobar

Al Khabar has a lot to offer for shopping enthusiasts as well. There are humongous malls like the Al-Rashid Mall and local traditional markets that can satisfy any need of a tourist no matter the budget.

Most popular attractions in the Al-Khobar

Al-Khobar is a beautiful city with a lot of tourist attractions. The most significant ones are the Corniche, Al Rashid Mall, the half-moon beach, Scitech Technology Center, Golden Belt Walk etc. But the biggest attractions for tourists in Al-Khobar are obviously the activities in the desert-like dune bashing, camping at night etc.

Where to Stay in Al-Khobar

Al-Khobar has the right accommodations for all budgets. There are hotels for travellers with a tight budget as well as the tourists who want absolute luxury. Tourists who want to visit Al-Khobar for the first time also can easily book Al Khobar hotels with Almosafer. 

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