5 Best Places in India to Visit

Places in India

Located in south Asia and being the seventh largest country in the world, India is one of the most diverse nations on the map. White sandy beaches stretch along the eastern and western coastlines, whilst the imposing skyline of the Himalayas dominates the north of the country.

In central areas, vast metropolises bustle with millions of people, whilst in more rural areas, open plains are cultivated by those who enjoy a slower pace of life.

With such a complex network of sights and sounds, it’s no wonder India attracts almost 18 million visitors looking to soak it all up every year. If you want to immerse yourself in a new culture and experience true beauty, this is the place to go. The trouble is, there are so many destinations worth visiting, so how do you pick?

To help you, we’ve put together a list of the top five destinations in India(best Places in India) you should put on your travel list.

  1. Mumbai

Mumbai is the largest city in India and is located on the west coast. It is to India what Hollywood is to the US – it’s the epicenter of Bollywood. You can experience the glitz, glam, and color of Bollywood in all its glory by going on a Bollywood tour, giving you an insight into India’s leading entertainment industry and watching some of the most talented performers in all their glory.

Away from the film studios you can see The Gateway of India. The iconic stone arch has stood since 1924 and dominates the city harbor. It is just one of the colonial structures that still stands today. The Mumbai railway station is another example of gothic colonial architecture and provides a contrast to much of the city’s newer buildings.

Mumbai is also home to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park which offers visitors the chance to breathe in the impressive plant and wildlife, including monkeys and leopards!


Places in India

If city life isn’t your preference for a vacation, head to the serene area of Goa. Also on the western coast, Goa is home to some of India’s finest beaches, including the popular Palolem Beach which is renowned for its white shores and tranquil water. Once you’ve caught some rays and paddled in the warm water, you can spend the night at one of the silent discos the area is known for.

Goa is a prime example of how although a lot of people associate India with charity work, it’s actually a very rich country with a thriving tourism industry and lots to offer visitors.

  1. Jaipur

Retrace the steps of royalty with a visit to Jaipur. It’s known as the Pink City for its dusty pink buildings which attract lots of attention from tourists, and rightly so.

If you’re in Jaipur, make sure you visit City Palace, a prime example of 1700s Mughal architecture. Elsewhere in the city you can see the Jal Mahal, a palace located in the center of a lake, as well as Jantar Mantar where you can see some of the top astronomical observation instruments.

  1. Chennai

On the east coast of India you’ll find Chennai, nestled in the Bay of Bengal. Marina Beach is a vast sandy expanse that attracts tourists looking to relax, whilst Fort St. George offers an insight into the colonial roots of the city.

If you want to find a bite to eat, you’ll be spoilt for choice in the countless markets in George Town. Chennai is a thriving and diverse city, so whether you like to be in the tick of it or prefer to lounge around in the sun, there’s something for you here.

  1. Agra

Agra is a city that attracts a vast number of tourists, and for good reason. It’s home to the Taj Mahal, one of the most visited destinations in the world.

The iconic dome has stood since the mid-1600s and is the work of more than 20,000 artisans. Now a World Heritage Site, the Taj Mahal is a must-see if you’re in India. Away from the Taj Mahal is Agra Fort, an ancient stronghold, as well as a number of street food stalls so you can an authentic taste of India.


Wherever you go in India, you’re sure to never be short of things to do! Where will you go?

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