Your Vancouver Home Needs Custom Walk in Closets and Custom Closet Systems

Custom Closet Systems

When it comes time to renovate your home, you may feel lost in the woods as far as what to actually do. That’s completely understandable! Home renovations can be a big thing to commit to, and making sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck is vital for the end product and for your peace of mind. A surprising but increasingly popular choice savvy homeowners are making is to focus their attention on the less obvious choices for a redux.

Custom Closet Systems

Everyone knows that redoing your kitchen or living room is the top of the list for most people’s lists. In fact, redoing the kitchen has become something of a cliché! While there’s nothing wrong with going for the obvious renovation choices, looking at some of the less considered options is a great way to modernize your home. Additionally, putting some attention on other areas of you home can be useful for making the most of your house’s natural space. Here are just a few ways you can maximize your space when renovating your home that you may not have thought to consider!


Custom Closet Systems

People tend to overlook hallways when considering interior design. It’s easy to see why. Hallways are, in most people’s minds, egresses to the parts of the house that actually matter. They connect the bedrooms to the living room, or the kitchen to the offices, or maybe they’re just convenient places to put your stairs when you aren’t using them. We pass through them without a second thought, and maybe it’s time we stopped. It’s time to give hallways the much-needed attention they deserve by transforming them into experiences unto themselves!

Renovating your hallway to be more space-efficient and trendy is a popular choice for those looking to add a dash of sophistication to your house. Not only can a well-renovated hallway provide striking visuals, but if you choose to use it for extra storage space as well you can display your family treasures in style. The best hallway isn’t one you don’t have to think about; that just means you’re wasting your home’s potential. You don’t need to settle for a hallway that just connects the better parts of your home. They’re the connective tissue of your home, and they should shine just as much as the rest of it!


Custom Closet Systems

As you can see here, you want to really get the most out of your house’s space potential, consider having your closet renovated! The closet is usually where good spatial efficiency goes to die. Organizing a closet is usually something akin to a nightmare, and most of us just shove our clothes and boxes and ties into them. Initially everything is organized, but over time it inevitably becomes a tiny room of chaos. It’s a modern tragedy of our time, but one that doesn’t have to stay that way.

Consulting an expert in renovation and design is a great way to maximize your closet’s storage capacity. Renovated closets are catching on, becoming something of a trend in alternative renovation – and, they’re among the most practical, too! Smaller units can be transformed into walk-in rooms, and walk-ins can be redesigned for maximum efficiency. Imagine having a closet of clothes behind glass doors, designed around you walking in and picking out your armor for the day as an experience instead of grabbing things from hangars and hoping for the best. Of all the ways to maximize storage potential in your home, renovated closets are the most practical to consider.

Secret Passages

According to, closets are among the most popular choices for people looking to change up their home. However, there’s one choice that transcends practicality and approaches divinity. There are three fundamental truths in the universe: death comes for us all, taxes are inescapable, and everyone wants a really cool secret passage. Admittedly, this idea is a little more out there than the others. It must be stated that this idea is wildly impractical, potentially prohibitively expensive, and would do absolutely nothing but add novelty to your home. This is one hundred percent there to appeal to that inner child that never quite grew up, that small part of you that understands that most axiomatic of philosophical truths, that mathematical certainty we all intuitively know: secret passages rule.

Look, let’s be real. There’s very probably no actual chance you’re going to have a secret passage installed. Logistically, adding a secret passage would involve a lot of disruption to your home, working around walls and other things. Adding them after the initial building process is possible, but something like this should really be planned around in the building stage. On top of that, you’d probably get limited use out of them as far as actual safety is concerned. While it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that they’d come in handy during an emergency or home invasion, that’s a lot of money and effort to put into your home for potentially limited payoff.

Counterpoint: secret passages rule. How absolutely amazing would it be to play a little tune on the piano and slip into a hidden alcove? Or to pull on an ironically titled book to open up a door in the library? At that point, you don’t need a reason beyond the inherent coolness of a secret passage. There’s a chance your home might already have one, depending on when it was built! The world will be a better place when we all admit that we want a secret passage in our home.

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