Advantages of Using WordPress Development Services with Bootstrap

WordPress Development Services
WordPress Development Services

A good theme helps your WordPress website visually appealing to your niche audience. If you want to create your theme, you can rely on Bootstrap for the task. WordPress and Bootstrap go hand in hand. Both of them are like a natural pair. They have been designed in such a way to cover a lot of complex technical tasks under a user- friendly framework. However, they have not been designed to integrate. Bootstrap is not as simple as installing a WordPress plugin or theme. With the help of custom web development services, you can build a reliable website for your business.

Most developers often find Bootstrap a complex framework to learn. This is why they like to stay away from it. However, several tutorials and guides help you master the task of creating your unique theme. If you are willing to learn and have time on hand, you can create outstanding themes with stylish designs and functionality. The story of its origins is fascinating. The designers of Twitter originally built Bootstrap but not for its site. It is now an open-source framework widely popular for custom responsive design.

WordPress development services with Bootstrap integration

You should note that WordPress is a content management system or CMS, whereas Bootstrap is intended for design. Both of them are entirely different from one another. However, how both of these frameworks function together forms the basis for a unique WordPress theme.

With Bootstrap, you can create a site from scratch; however, in context to the above, you can use just some fragments to build a WordPress site design that is stylish and genuinely responsive. WordPress is not added with Bootstrap per se; it can be combined with it for a good design that stands out.

Following are the key benefits of using Bootstrap:

  1. Get a fully responsive and mobile compatible theme.
  2. Highlight semantic markups of the theme.
  3. Get a range of Bootstrap extensions like carousels and sliders.

When you club Bootstrap with WordPress together, you enjoy the following advantages-

  • Bootstrap has lesser bugs. It is open-source in nature, making it simple to maintain and develop.
  • It boasts a cross-browser interface that is compatible with crucial browsers and has a good baseline for CSS.
  • It has comprehensive and detailed documentation.
  • It manages media queries, resets, grids, and much more. You save a lot of time on development.
  • Developers use Bootstrap for styling their websites. You can find several tutorials quite easily. Demos and other projects that are open source in nature will help you to learn fast.
  • No need to re-invent the site wheel. You can create a mobile-optimized theme for WordPress without hassles.
  • Get a range of starter themes for your WordPress site. You will find them in the community called Understrap.
  • Bootstrap was not made keeping WordPress in mind; however, you can easily integrate it with the latter.
  • Bootstrap is simple for you to customize to cater to the specific needs of your business.
  • Bootstrap has multiple JavaScript and Query plugins that you can integrate with it easily.
  • Plugins make use of modern ES6, and this starts with Bootstrap 4.

However, Bootstrap has some disadvantages when used with WordPress, and they are-

  1. Bootstrap was not built for direct integration with WordPress. However, this will not be a significant hindrance to developers.
  2. There is no point in using the CSS framework if you need to override several styles set in Bootstrap.
  3. You need to invest some time and effort into learning about Bootstrap if you want to use it for your WordPress theme.
  4. Bootstrap relies on jQuery, and you need to tackle several issues related to it. Examples of common problems are outdated plugins, the need to include the entire jQuery library, and more.

Take the help of a WordPress development company

Building the theme for your WordPress site is a complicated affair. It isn’t effortless and needs a lot of your time. This is why you should hire experts from a good WordPress development company to guide and help you. The professionals will help you with –

  • The framework of the WordPress theme.
  • Creation of the folder for the theme.
  • Adding the CSS style.
  • Creating the section for the header.
  • Integrating the Bootstrap navigation with the menu of WordPress.
  • Creating the section for the footer.
  • Adding the template file.
  • Adding the WP loop.
  • Adding Bootstrap.

There are online tutorials that help you integrate Bootstrap with WordPress if you are willing to give time to it and learn.

Hire WordPress Developers to save time

In case you have a project, timeline and do not want to go through extensive tutorials on how to integrate Bootstrap to your WP site, it makes sense to hire WordPress developers for the task. These experts will undertake the onus of creating the right theme for you, considering the specific needs of your business.

With Bootstrap, you can get some prominent themes for your WordPress site. There are several styles to choose from and incorporate for your business brand. A good, visually appealing idea attracts your targeted audience with success.

When you are choosing WordPress development services, make sure the professionals have experience working with Bootstrap. Check their track records and ask them to show you some previous work.

In this way, you will get an idea of their professionalism and quality. Hire developers with reasonable rates and a good reputation in the market for getting the WP theme that helps you stand out in the market effectively.

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