What are the Major Ingredients to look for in an Online Time Tracking System?

Online Time Tracking System

Online Time Tracking System:

Are you someone finding an apt management solution for your business? Or are you finding it hard to track your employee’s project tasks? In today’s digital world, there is inundated software to manage every employee and get a fair report of everyone’s work with cloud-based timesheets.

These online timesheets help in automatic tracking of the work throughout the week or a day, and at the end provides a detailed report of work, from which one can easily find the loopholes or the hours compensated/went into performing a worthless task. This eventually helps the firm to grow in the right direction with the suitable employees.

There are many perks inclusive in online timesheet software. One can easily manage their working hours, show their work with the proof of time invested in completing it, automate their billing system, and manage all the essential project management tasks.

When you make your mind to look for an online timesheet solution, listing down a certain important aspect or ingredients you want in software will help with the decision making and elimination process of the other solutions.

Major Ingredients to Look For in an Online Time Tracking System (Solution)

  • Staff budgeting and monitoring

Make sure that your software has estimated staff budgeting hour facilities. Such a feature can help your firm to plan in advance and avoid the mishaps beforehand. The analysis between budgeted hours and actual costing hours can help you find out the loopholes in the system and eliminate the unwanted or slower processes.

There are timesheet softwares that allow client wise as well as project wise filters, so that a firm can easily get proper estimation of the required and invested hours.  A company can manage their employee fatigue, plan a worker’s daily routine, and also have a proper floor activity plan to entertain the employees. All in all such an ingredient will help boost your employees and create a sane working place for the same.

  • Tracking leaves of employees

When it comes to leave balance and leave counting around the year, it is always a fuss between the management and employees. Many times it must have happened that there is a miscommunication about the leave granted as well as leave taken by the employee. Checkout this work time tracker.

To avoid this situation, the online timesheets provides you with a leave tracking facility with each employee. It has a filtered structure consisting of date, leave reason, and leave confirmation from the seniors. This remains in the software history for years and thus, if one wants a track record of leaves can get an access of it anytime-anywhere.

  • Import and export to XLS

Excel is the major part of everyone’s work, and to maintain one is a hard task. When it comes to time tracking, every employee finds it a tedious task. Every time they complete or switch a task, they have to manually enter the details into the excel sheet and submit it at the end of the day or week or month. It becomes a mess for the employees if they miss out to mention any of the tasks with respect to the time taken.

With cloud-based timesheet software any report along with the user’s name and their respective timesheets can be immediately exported as excel sheet without missing out on any project task updates. The management can also import the same whenever needed from XLS for the employees.

  • Integration of Google time tracking calendar

If you are looking for more accurate and easy to approve calendar integration in your time tracking software, then you have to look for Google calendar integration in the solution. This calendar automatically records the time you spend meeting the clients or partners. It also helps in ensuring accurate time and billing data throughout the organization. Such integration will allow employees to plan their meetings and time schedules beforehand and manage their day easily.

  • Free-trial facility for better understability

When you look for suitable tracking software, to know more about its features and functionalities you need to have a free trial option. This will be your guide and a one-time experience of using a time tracker. Before making a purchase, it is very much necessary to ensure that your employees will be able to function with the online timesheets. Thus, a free trial will eliminate every query or confusion and you will be made aware about the solution.

Since there are a lot of time tracking solutions, it is hard to differentiate between them. These ingredients mentioned in the blog, will surely help you with the bifurcation and decision making process for your firm. In this era, success is just around the corner for those who respect and manage the time. These time tracking software allow employees to log when starting the day and ending one too, also provide them with daily schedules, manage their time-off scenarios. Thus, there is no better way to promote flexible working hours and handle project management other than these online time management solutions.

Bottom line

As a firm owner, you have to manage internal as well as external scenarios of the employees and clients. With the online timesheet solution, one can eliminate some amount of stress from his workaholic lifestyle and also establish peace in the company and promote coexistence of workers, employees, and management harmoniously.

Also these time trackers allow monitoring an employee’s daily work without any fuss or argument with the management. Every employee is equally responsible for their job and the task completion. Thus, there is no miscommunication or misleading of tasks possible.

Along with these time trackers, one is also able to maintain attendance records, leaves planned/unplanned, project task hours & summary of the job done in a day, everything is customized as well as accessible whenever one is in doubt or has to submit his report. Now, there is no need to glu one’s self with the office desk, every employee will be able to justify their working hours along with their jobs in the stipulated time frames with the help of time softwares.

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