Ways to Double Your Money: Top Strategies

Ways to Double Your Money: Top Strategies

Doubling your income is an excellent way to ensure you have sufficient for your needs. However, it takes consistency and a great deal of patience – you also must be willing to work. We’ve all dreamt about winning the lottery, but only a few people are that lucky. Thus, rather than wait for luck, how about doubling your income more consistently and with proven strategies?

We will supply six tried and tested strategies to help you double your money effectively. Investment is one of the best ways to double your income – and it works, mainly when you do it right. So keep reading to discover strategies for doubling your money, and prepare to practice them.

Side Business

Starting a side business is one of the most straightforward and effective ways to double your gross income. If what you’re earning from your job isn’t enough to sustain you, it is time to start a side business.

Starting a side business will require that you invest some money, but that doesn’t mean you invest everything you have. Instead, the idea is to invest in yourself, discovering what hobbies, talents, and skills you can put to better use.

Some examples of side businesses you can start include affiliate marketing, freelancing, photography sales, and becoming a virtual assistant. The options for starting side businesses are endless; you need to find what fits you. You can also consider making predictions on Parimatch online betting apps based on the quality of odds provided for each game.

Cryptocurrency Investing

Investing in cryptocurrency is an excellent way to earn passive income, thus doubling the money you get from working. Cryptocurrency investment is already popular, primarily due to its high-profit nature and ease of starting. Crypto investing is a great opportunity to grow your money quickly, unlike the more traditional investment types.

However, with the high yield in crypto investing comes great risks that only the strong at heart can handle. Thus, before entering this investment opportunity, you want to do your homework and prepare for losses. Nevertheless, crypto investing is promising; if you can do it, it’s a marginally profitable way to double your money.

Bonds and Stocks Investment

You can also double your money by investing some of it in a mix of bonds and stocks. Investing in this mixture will protect you from recessions or when the company you invest in goes bankrupt. While bonds generate low investment returns, the returns are more consistent – plus, they are safer than stocks.

The ideal is to mix bonds and stocks, but we recommend bonds if you have to choose one. Bond investment is especially great if you have extensive financial obligations or a family.

Real Estate Investment

Another proven strategy for doubling your money is investing in real estate. Real estate investment is undoubtedly one of the most valuable investments – and there’s easy access to low-interest leverage.

You can get low-interest leverage through real estate loans like mortgages, meaning your investment is relatively lower than the asset value. Through renovations and repairs, you can also force appreciation in a building to double your investment.

Once you’ve repaired or renovated a building, its value increases, so you get more value from selling it. Another option is finding a good rental property and holding it long-term. This way, you’ll generate monthly income and benefit from any appreciation arising from the property.

401(k) Employer Matching

A good, easy, and guaranteed way to double your money is through 401(k) contributions. The 401(k) approach is best-suited for you if you’re an investor and are planning for retirement.

Most of the time, employers match fifty cents for every dollar their employees make, which translates to 50% ROI. So by prioritizing your 401(k) contributions, you can double your retirement funds and increase them significantly.

Alternatively, if your employer doesn’t offer this opportunity, you can open and contribute to an IRA. Depending on what type of IRA you use, you’ll get a tax subsidy when you retire or upfront.

Compound Interest

Compound interest is profitable in doubling an income, provided you can find the right vehicle. If you’re looking for better returns, you’ll want to invest in securities rather than steady interest-bearing accounts. Saving accounts don’t yield, and CDs aren’t that profitable either; securities have higher volatility but hold more profit.

The Rule of 72 is a good way to figure out how long your money will take to double. By dividing 72 by your interest rate, the Rule estimates the time it’ll take to double an investment. For instance, if you earn a 6% interest in an investment, your money will double in 72/6 = 12 years.


Your money doubles when you invest; the more money you invest, the faster it doubles. However, each strategy has its advantages, disadvantages, and associated risks. Thus, you want to study each strategy and determine if it’ll work for you. Meanwhile, you can follow more than one strategy; this can help you double your money even faster.

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