Getting Trouble Uninstalling or remove Avast Secure Browser? Here The Steps To Remove It

Uninstalling or remove Avast Secure Browser
Uninstalling or remove Avast Secure Browser:

Are you having a problem uninstalling the Avast Secure Browser or you just don’t want to take risks without any guidelines? Then you are in the right place as we have come up with a few steps that you can use to remove Avast Secure Browser.

Before moving forward, let me tell you the Avast Secure Browser gets installed automatically without your permission on your PC. So if you are not liking it, you can uninstall or even remove it using the official removal tool provided by Avast.

However, if you can not uninstall it by using the Control Panel in Windows, here is how that can be done.

Also, some Avast Secure browser features require Avast antivirus to be installed: In case you’re new to Avast Secure Browser, let me sum up its new highlights and enhancements.

The browser ships with anti-tracking, hostile to figure printing, Adblock. extension guard and bank mode highlights, which you can without much of stretch access by visiting the Security and Privacy Center, the browser offers.

Above, we’ve referenced the highlights of the Avast Secure Browser, for a portion of the highlights to work you should utilize Avast antivirus, for example, bank mode.

Steps how to uninstall Avast Secure Browser:

  1. First of all, open Control Panel and then go to Programs and Programs and Features
  2. Secondly, select the Avast Secure Browser.uninstall-Avast-secure-browser
  3. Then, click on Uninstall, select ‘Also delete your browsing data’ and click Uninstall, and go by the instructions. If you are thinking of reinstalling the Avast Secure Browser then please don’t clear browsing data.

Remove Avast Secure browser using the official removal tool

In case you’re not ready to uninstall Avast Secure Browser from the Control Panel in a conventional manner, don’t get stressed. Avast is offering an expulsion apparatus for it, ‘Avast Secure Browser Removal Tool’ which you can download and run on your PC to dispose of the equivalent.

  1. To do that, download the avast_secure browser_uninstall.exe file.
  2. Then you need to run it and select ‘Also delete your browsing data’ and click ‘Uninstall’ after that.
  3. Lastly, wait for a few minutes for the tool to remove the Avast Secure browser. After the uninstallation is complete, the computer will ask why you uninstalled it and it will take you to a survey page in the browser. To avoid this you need to close the dialog window.



Avast Secure Browser is totally protected to utilize, on the off chance that you’ve discovered it introduced with Avast without your authorization, you can uninstall or eliminate it either by visiting the Programs and Features Control Panel applet or by utilizing Avast Secure program evacuation instrument. You can keep on utilizing the program iifyou like it.

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